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IN THE HEIRARCHY of the automotive world, no motor car enjoys such distinction and prestige as the chauffeur-driven limousine. Its marrying of elegance, roominess, and privacy represents a pinnacle of the art of automobile body styling, and because of this it has been associated throughout automotive history with royalty in Europe and with the royalty of the business, social, and entertainment worlds of America.

The Continental Magazine, 1964

1962 Rolls Royce P5 Phantom Limousine
For more info call 800-455-5873

For more info call 800-455-5873

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Visit the Lehmann-Peterson pages. Thanks to Richard Ramis who has shared his many photos, articles and knowledge on these famous Chicago coachbuilders from the 1960's.

Also visit the Armbruster/Stageway pages with new photos and information provided by Milt Earnhart of Stageway and Chris Overbay of the 59 Impala Farm in Morristown, Tennessee.

Head over to 'Stageway' and join the discussion group.

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I hope you enjoy all the pictures and want to thank everyone who has allowed me to display their limousines and photographs.

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