Some of these could be Stageway conversions, if identified as that, will move it
to the Stageway pages, if you have any information on these cars please let me know.

1968 Oldsmobile Toronado Hi-Top
Called "Jetaway 707 American Quality Coach"
(Later used as a base for the famous GM Motor Homes)

A 1968 Olds Toronado Airport Limousine
Resides in San Diego, California area

Owned by Curtis, who is the third owner of this 707 Jetway Airporter Limousine. The history from Curtis is that first owner was Travel All Limousine that at the time was in the Town & Country Hotel in San Diego. The second also a limousine service, then Carey San Diego bought it in 1973 were I worked and drove this car. I had to wait for almost 30 years to buy this from the them, sadly it sat as a lawn ornament for 4 years so I am having to deal with the rust as well as engine problems. I am always looking for information as to what part came off of what car and others that may still be around. If any one has information on these cars or who has one please email me at

A car similar to this is currently (11/10/2008) for sale contact Chip at

Thanks to Nick Taylor of for these photos and info.

Photo from Lakeland Dragway in Memphis in the late
1960's or early 70`s. The caption read that it was
bracket raced against Jungle Jims funny car Nova!

Another found? This seen driving a back road near San Diego.
Thanks to Michael Puente for sending this.

1956 Lincoln Airport Limousine
Owned by John McClure in Pennsylvania.

This recently in the Old Cars magazine, John owns 2 of these and is looking for any information or history on them. They were built for Disneyland and one of them can be seen in the 1961 movie "Parent Trap". If you have any info please e-mail me.

Thanks to Ben Merkel for this photo, Ben spotted
these Disney cars in El Monte in East LA around 1977.

1940 Woody Lasalle 8

Thanks to Jeff Boyd of "Bodys By Boyd" for this photo. The Woody was originally owned by Mathilda Dodge Wilson of Meadowbrook Hall. Jeff at his shop has just finished complete restoration, the car has a 189.5 wheelbase and lives in CA.

1941 Plymouth P11
Unknown builder, has 4 doors on the right side, 2 doors on the left.
Located in a California junk yard.

Thanks to Jim Benjaminson for these photos.

1957 Windsor Airport

Thanks to Edmund who sent this in. This was seen near a Truck Stop in Sawyer, Michigan. This may be a Stageway but uncertain.

Update on 12/11/2012: Jan from Benton Harbor spotted the car still in the area parked at a fruit/vegetable stand on Red Arrow Highway, still unrestored.

1947 Nash Ambassador Limousine (Special)

This 12-passenger Nash Ambassador Limousine (the only one of its kind) was specially constructed in 1947 for use by Nash engineers and their assistants in traveling between the Kenosha plant and proving grounds.

1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe
By Fitzjohn Coaching in Muskegon, Michigan
Owned and completely restored by Bill Siering of Blissfield, Michigan
(Photo from National Street Rod Convention in Kalamazoo, MI, Sept. 2000)

1938 Chevrolet
Also by Fitzjohn Coaching in Muskegon, Michigan

Owned by Dan Horine. He is looking for any information and parts, he can be
contacted at or visit

1960's Jeep
Thanks to Ben Merkel for another photo.

This oddball Jeep was at a Summer camp in
1969 and Ben says it could go up anything.
The seats were along each side in the rear.

1951 Pontiac

Airport Commuter
Breece Custom Limousines in Dallas, Texas

Fordson Bus

Built on a Model A chassis these buses were built in the late 1920's to transport air passengers the short distance between the Ford airport and various areas of the Ford company complex.

Chevrolet Airport Bus Conversion
from National Body Mfg. Co. in Knightstown, Indiana

1968 Pontiac Airport

Chevrolet in need of restoration

1958 Oldsmobile 88 Airport Limousine
Thanks to Ben Merkel for this photo.

From an Old Cars magazine, probably a Stageway in sad shape!

1973? Pontiac Clam-Shell Airport Wagon
This car is sitting in front of a junkyard somewhere in Pennsylvania
Thanks to Dana Bennet for this photo and information.
Jon MacIvor has provided a bit more information on this car, Milton Hershey School (think candy bar)
used to transport it's students in the same vehicle. The school is in PA, Jon used to ride in these cars.

1950 Siebert Airport Limo (Flagship)

1964 Mercury Airport Limousine

From the 1920's
(This has to be an early Stageway but not sure)

Rare Airport Limousine
Thanks to Mike Murphy for this photo, possibly a Chevy
conversion by Eureka or Armbruster, year is unknown.
Thanks to George Miller for this information on what he believes this car is.

George believes this to be a 1942 Chevy "Bus" Sedan, converted 15 passenger 4x2 US Army "BG1503" 6-cyl. 83 HP 3F1R Military conversion by Fitzjohn Coach Company of Muskegon, Michigan. As a means of saving critical rubber and helping to eliminate traffic bottlenecks at the aircraft and other production plants, Fitzjohn developed this 15 passenger Defense Workers Coach from a standard 5 passenger Chevy sedan. The body framework was white ash with exterior panels of tempered Masonite Presswood Seats are full cross type seating 3 passengers each.

(If you have any additional information please let me know.)

1943 Chevrolet Military Limousine
Owned by Lloyd & Wanda Fulks of Lawrence, Kansas

Bought in Oregon in 2002, the car was not in very good shape, almost all the wood had to be replaced, not much is known about this car if you have any other information please let me know.

1946 Chevy Limousine
Thanks to Phil Drifter for this photo.

Located in Utah this car was 1 of 3 originally purchased by the Union Pacific Railroad for tours and shuttle purposes. Saved from the crusher in 1999. Was last licensed in Arizona in 1961.

From a postcard.

1937 Cadillac 12 passenger Limo-Bus
Big Model 75 built for Yosemite National Park.
(Article from 1972 states 1 of 3 known to exist)

Thanks to QQ for this latest info on 09/06/07

This is a 1937 Cadillac Model 75 Bender Bodied with a 156 inch wheelbase and a L-head V8 346 cubic inch engine (135 HP), only 1 of 3 are known to exist. Yellowstone, Glacier and Yosemite operated 12 passenger buses, what were eventually called "airport Limos" or "stretches". Yellowstone and Glacier used White buses with the Bender body and Yosemite used Cadillac. Rumor was a Caddy dealer named Don Lee (or his son Tom) wanted Yosemite to be a step above the other parks, and was successful in his efforts. As the corporate Chauffeur, I (QQ) used to drive this vehicle. These photos by Jim Fairchild from 1981 in Reno Nevada.

Was Restored in 1972 by Harrah's Auto Collection.

1947 Cadillac Airport Limousine
A Hess and Eisenhardt that was recently for sale on Ebay.

An update on this car, it was purchased by J.C.Bohleman and he
states that this car may have been built for the Colorado hotel
that was the basis for the movie 'The Shining', if you have more
info please e-mail to:

1947 Cadillac Airport Limousine
Custom built by Hess and Eisenhardt.

Checker Aerobus
The Checkers were built in Kalamazoo, Michigan, production ended in 1982.

1967 Checker Aerobus
Owned by Ben Merkel

Checker only produced 35 6 doors this year and a couple hundred 8 doors.

1963 Checker Aerobus
This undated photo is from in front of the Kalamazoo Holiday Inn.
They had 2 Aerobusses, this 8 door and a 6 door.

Thanks to Ben Merkel for sending this photo and information.

1965 Brochure

Checker Aerobus

More Pictures

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