Limousine related Songs
Songs all mentioning the word "limo" or "limousine"

(Some of these may open a Youtube video.)

Song Title
It Was a Very Good Year
Frank Sinatra 0:43
Abbey Road
The Beatles 0:10
8 Miles High Byrds 0:40
White Limousine Dolly Parton 0:59
Long Black Limousine Elvis Presley 0:16
Big Shot Billy Joel 0:26
New York State of Mind Billy Joel 0:48
New York State of Mind Jeneane-Marie 0:54
Holiday Inn Elton John 0:32
Cover of the Rolling Stone Dr. Hook 0:35
Just a Little Bit Better
Herman's Hermits 0:29
Thank God I'm a Country Boy John Denver 0:34
Sequel Harry Chapin 0:40
Life's Been Good Joe Walsh 0:15
Fire Down Below Bob Seger 0:09
Stranded in a Limousine Paul Simon 0:08
What's Your Name Lynyrd Skynyrd 0:14
Black Limousine Rolling Stones 0:26
Mr. Limousine Driver Grand Funk Railroad 0:30
Do You Love Me Kiss 0:24
Abbey Road Band I was in, from 1974 0:10

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