Novelty Limousines

Most of these limousines have been built or created by individuals,
some however may have been converted by known coachbuilders.

1866 "Limo-Horse"
by Hoof & Gallop Breeding Company in Longview, Texas

These horse's were bred in the 1860's. Some were used by early undertakers for funeral burials & processions, others were bred to transport stagecoach and train passengers to the hotels, saloons and brothels. Many were sold with an optional rear facing middle saddle so riders could easily converse on their way to their destination.

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I'm Just Horsing Around!

Amish Limousine
Manufactured by Miller Carriage Company

Thanks to Larry Haas for this photo.

1957-1959 Nash Metropolitan
Thanks to Hughes Lundy, this from the July 92 issue of Motor Trend.

1949 Lincoln
Used in Florida for tours

Thanks to Brad Laing for finding this.

1965 Corvair Limousine

Thanks to Donald Filkins of Cincinnati, Ohio for sending this information on his 1965 Corvair. The inside of the back seat is done in blue velour while the front seat was left in the original style vinyl. Some features include TV, VCR, stereo, electric divider window and dual air conditioning.

The car still has the original 110 hp engine and has never been touched except for tuneups and regular maintainence. Don still shows the car but doesn't use it for hire, he takes it to the Hoosier show in Indianapolis in September every year and occasionly to the national Corvair conventions.

1962 Plymouth Coronado
(7-passenger, built in Antwerp, Belgium not available in the USA)
Thanks to Jim Benjaminson for this photo.

1964 Cadillac "LowMo"

Thanks to Jimi Marshall for these photos of his 1964 Cadillac "LowMo". He purchased the car from California in 2000, and had it shipped to Ohio. It was totally stock when he got it and although it's still Cadillac powered, it has been highly modified.

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

Owned by Paul who resides in Upstate New York. He purchased it as a four door 55 from Ebay and created it in about two years. Paul got the idea for this car from a car he saw in New Zealand's South Island when he was on Active Duty with the Air National Guard. It has a 327 with a turbo 350 transmission, Air Ride shocks and Vintage Air conditioning.

Thanks to Mike McTighe for sending this photo.

Cadillac Super-stretch (with hot tub)
Thanks to Jim Benjaminson for this photo.

1966 Stretched Mustang
Owned and operated by Preferred Limousine in Georgetown Ontario.

Volkswagen Limousine
Thanks to Richie Hahn for this photo of his VW which was built 25 years ago.
It won first prize at the N.Y.C Custom Car Show for Radical Sub-Compact.

Volkswagen Acapulco Thing
Thanks to Hughes Lundy for this photo taken in Palm Springs

Volkswagen Rabbit stretch Limo
Thanks to Don Pierson for this photo, this was seen in Northern
California at a car show back around late 70's or early 80's.

1997 VW Mexican import

Thanks to Clare Brookes in England of Beetle Drive (UK)
Ltd, the VW is a right hand drive and is for hire.
It was professionally stretched at Beetles UK in Bristol in 2001

Parking Nightmare!

1967 Cadillac by Ultra Limousines

This from California, is 40 feet long, has 10 wheels and seats
22 passengers with a 12ft/700 gallon pool beneath its boot lid.

1979 Pontiac Trans-Am
Thanks to Kelly Fradette for this photo of his Trans-Am that he recently sold.

Skoda-car based made in Czech Reublic, Europe
Thanks to Hamersky Alois in Europe for these photos of a homemade limousine,
Hamersky says it was build within 3 days and much barrels of beer!

1973? Porsche 914
(Thanks to Karl Ellzey for this photo)

1976 HX Chevrolet De Ville Custom Stretch
Owned by Don Barr in New Zealand

Don operated this Limo as a vehicle for hire for 7 years in Auckland, New Zealand, before retiring. He sends this description:

First a little history, the Chevrolet family to which my limo belongs were made in Australia by GM. Almost identical body shells were released also as Holden Statesman, Statesman De Ville, and Statesman Caprice. My Limo started out life as a four door sedan. It was one of the first vehicles stretched in New Zealand to create a Limo, about 1978-1979. Structurally they did a good job, stretching it four feet, bringing it to a total of 22 feet overall. Although they did do the interior in red velour, the bar area was a joke and it was an awful colour of grey. It was used for hire, however it was not very successful. I purchased it in 1992, in a very sad state, and commenced rebuilding it and developing it into what it is today. One of the first things I did was to paint it white. Then while refurbishing various parts of the running gear as required, I added the scoop and the gills in the guards. I also redesigned the bar areas, and rebuilt the suspension, upgrade the electric's and added a sound system.

Currently it is running a 308 ci litre block, stroked to 355 ci with a forged steel crank. The compression has been raised and the heads are worked to "Trans-Am Light" specs and then big valved with titanium valves. It runs a 750cfm four barrel carb, with a K & N filter. High volume oil pump, dual 120 amp alternators, dual batteries, electric fan cooling of the radiator, air conditioning and headers and collectors to a free-flow exhaust. The engine produces 400BHP at the flywheel. The headlights have been converted to halogen, and 50 w fog lights added to the rear for reversing. The suspension consists of custom made coil springs front and rear, bilstien shocks in the front, front sway bar increased to 30 mm, rear sway bar added to match, gas over air Monroe shocks with the ride leveller systems control from the drivers seat. All suspension bushes have been replaced with nolathane units. The Transmission is a GM Turbo 400 unit, which has been reconditioned and shift kitted. It drives a two piece drive-shaft with American universals through a hanger bearing. The diff is a original Salisbury LSD with disc brakes, however we have cut the diff head out and replaced it with a 9 inch 4 spider LSD Banjo head. The windows are tinted to local laws, and we had to remove the privacy window to comply also. I have stayed with the red colour velour, grey vinyl, and carpet, the seats have all been custom rebuilt. The dash board has been upgraded to a GTS version with a full complement of gauges. The vehicle is dual fuel and runs on either LPG or petrol. The sound system is an Alpine 7618e head unit with a six stack CD in the glove box. This feeds to a Alpine graphic EQ, which then feeds out to the amps. The main amp is a Kenwood 140w RMS per channel four channel and it drives the 6 x 9 3 way speakers in the rear shelf that is rebuilt using custom wood, and the two component speakers in the B pillar. The second amp is a 250 w RMS Kenwood and it drives the 15 inch sub woofer wedged in behind the drivers seat.

The windows are of course electric, and the wing mirrors are camaro pod mirrors and are electric also. There are two drop in tumblers in the bonnet to lock it securely and the whole Limo is protected by a mongoose alarm system, incorporating central locking, window wind up, shock sensors, and an Invisible beam plus unit. The Invisi beam projects a field outside the vehicle warning people away before they reach the Limo. It has a three stage voice warning before triggering the alarm, which activates both voice and siren warnings, and disables the vehicle.

1987 Camaro Iroc-Z
Owned by Richard Sassman

This beautiful Camaro Iroc-Z has a 5.0 liter V-8 Engine and 5-speed transmission both run like a dream. Grey leather interior and carpet. It has an am/fm stereo with a CD player. It has 16'' iroc wheels, limited slip differential, performance axle ratio, special sport suspension and, six way power drivers seat, this car has it all!

Lincoln 'Monster' Limousine
This recently sold on Ebay.

Thanks to Mike McTighe for sending this photo.

Delorean Limousine
Photo courtesy Ron Langley

Volkswagen Bug Limousine
Thanks to Ryan Thompson for this photo.
An update on this VW on 10/11/07 from Carl Parent

Carl has sent in that this is his mother Marie and father Oscar from Cache
Bay Ontario, Canada. This picture was taken in Niagara Falls Ontario.

They used to own two stretch beetles but sold them both and now own this one

1959 Cadillac Stretch Limousine
Photo courtesy of the Cadillac La Salle Club of Australia.

1968 (approximately)
Wolseley Hornet or Riley Elf
(British Leyland Mini Minor)

Difficult to tell, but the grille is what would determine what this is. A Riley would be a horizontal black diamond grill with white inscription and a Wolseley is bright elliptic shape grill with darker inscription. This appears to be a aftermarket conversion.

Thanks to Peter Tucker for sending more information on 02/28/2002. Peter says this is a Riley Elf since the Wolseley Hornet would have a light up name badge in the center of the grill, which is not present here.

Peter has owned several of these and believe this to be correct.

(Thanks for all the help in identifying this car.)

Dodge Omni Limo

1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur LWB

In 1996 a daughter of the Sultan of Brunei was married. For this event his servants created this car as a present for the wedding day. This is the only photo, published in Germany.

Thanks to Frank Wollenberg in Germany for this photo.

1999 New Beetle Limousine
Converted by Ultra Limousines in Corona, California.

1972 Plymouth Limousine
Built on a 1971 Grand Fury body.

Volkswagen Stretch Limousine
Photo courtesy of the Cadillac La Salle Club of Australia.

Mustang Stretch Limousine
Photo courtesy of the Cadillac La Salle Club of Australia.

1957 Chevrolet Limousine

Volkswagen Bug Town Car

Volkswagen Limousine by Allen Coachworks

1959 Cadillac Deville Limousine
Photo courtesy of the Cadillac La Salle Club of Australia.

1988 Porsche 911 "Slant Nose" Limousine

1979 Jaguar XJ6 Series III Stretch Limousine
Thanks to Jay Riippi for the year identification on this car.

1957 Chevrolet BelAir Stretch Limousine

1936 Cadillac Super Stretch

1966 Shelby 427 Cobra Limousine

1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle Limousine

Jaguar E Type Stretch Limousine

1957 Chevrolet Limo

Volkswagen (unidentified)

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Novelty Limousines