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I've been getting request for rentals on these cars. This is just a photo display site of various limousines, please do NOT e-mail and ask for rates and availablility etc...


If you have a photo that you would like me to place on my site please be sure it is in .jpg or .gif format (NO .bmp, these take forever over the mail!) and no larger than 100k in size if possible. If you send several picture please try to ZIP them first. All photos I receive usually have to be resized and/or cropped, since my site is a personal webpage I am restricted to 10 Meg of space, so size matters! I may or may not use the photos you send depending on quality of picture, year and make, etc. Please send as much information about the car that you can provide and if it is your car please include your name and state or country if you want it to be acknowledged. I do not post any of the newer superstretch "Party Barge" limos.


Since this is a Personal Webpage I am not allowed to do any advertisement on my site but can include a link from my site to yours if in the interest of Limousines or Professional Cars.

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Locating a car on my site for hire.

As mentioned above this is a Personal Webpage and cannot be for profit. Most cars on my site I have no idea of their whereabout, if you are trying to locate a limousine for a special occasion please see some of the links on my Home Page or contact the local libraries or museums if the car belonged to a celebrity or had any historic interest, they probably can better assist you than I can.

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