These are the limousines I own or have owned.

1964 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine
by Lehmann-Peterson

I owned this in the 1970's, it was from the Washington D.C. area bought when I was 20 years old for $400.00! It had a Senate parking sticker on the windshield and was told it to belonged to Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, but this could never be verified. It had no division window and normal size rear window. I traveled in a band with it a few years, sorry I had to sell it in 1977.

Sold in April of 1977 in Toledo, Ohio. Todays whereabout unknown.

View a short 8mm film of this car on YouTube

1973 Chrysler Newport
by Stageway

Bought in July 1992, converted by Stageway of Fort Smith, Arkansas. The car was owned by a church in Otsego, Michigan and was used to pickup elderly for Sunday services. Before that it was used as a Funeral Home car in Three Rivers, Michigan. I sold this car in November of 2016

1973 Cadillac Fleetwood

Bought in 1993, after tracing back through some information in the glove compartment I found a few of the previous owners names. It was originally purchased in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was used for a livery service for a few years. The livery owner told me Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Reo Speedwagon, and some of President Fords staff rode in it over the years it was in service. Later it was sold to a Funeral Home in Holland, Michigan and then to a few private owners in Michigan.

1967 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine
by Lehmann-Peterson

After having to sell my 1964 Lehmann-Peterson (above) I was happy to find another years later in February, 2000. The car was about 1 mile from my house and had I not bought when I did it would have been sold later that day since several other parties were interested. I am missing several years of history on this, it was originally purchased by a livery service in New York State and I know where it was back to 1993, so am missing history on it from about 1969 to 1993. Is in great shape with all silver leather rear interior, power division window, original model Sony TV and an original Lehmann-Peterson beverage set which sits on the rear center console.

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