Armbruster/Stageway Owners and Photos 2

1967 Pontiac Catalina
Owned by Luke Cregut

This is a rare 8 door VIP sedan airporter. The car is almost completely original and has been enjoyed to the fullest. This airporter is probably one of the last of its kind. This was Lukes first car and he won his first car show with it.

1962 Oldsmobile
Thanks to Craig Parslow for this photo of a Stageway conversion.

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne Airport Limousine
Thanks to Mark O'Neil for these photos of his completely
restored Airport stretch by Armbruster Stageway.
(Great story on this, see the Link on my Home page.)

Rare 1959 Station Wagon
Owned by Martin McLaughlin of Anstey Leicester, England U.K.

1955 Stretch

1956 Canada

1957 Canada

1959 Chevrolet
Sent in by John in Vancouver Canada who just acquired it.
This may possibly be a National conversion, if identified
as that I will move it to another page.

Originally owned by Lee Hartman which he obtained from a
church in McCall, Idaho. Lee then sold it to Dave Baccus
who then later sold it to Howard Justice as seen below.

Howard Justice in Deerlake Wa

1958 Spokane
A year correction thanks to Robert E. Lee, Jr.

Owned by Leonard Edision in Rogersville, TN.

1975 Chrysler New Yorker

1973 Chrysler Newport
I (David Cline) own this.

Bought this in July 1992, the car was owned by a church in Otsego, Michigan and was used to pickup elderly for Sunday services. Before that it was used as a Funeral Home car in Three Rivers, Michigan.

Wayneville NC Junkyard

1959 Oldsmobile in Foremost, Alberta.
Thanks to D'Arcy Green for this photo,
requires restoration but in reasonable condition.

An update on this car from Dean Mcgregor, the car has
been sold and is now being restored in Brandon, Manitoba.

1961 Chrysler Stageway Airport
Pretty rough shape sitting in a Minnesota junk yard.

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