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Very Rare 1959 Chevy Apache C31 Bus Limousine
Owned by James Zehr in Ames, Iowa, recently for sale on Ebay

Rumored to have made regular runs between Nebraska and Colorado shuttling vacationers to and from Ski Resorts. Dimensions: 23.5 ft. long, approx. 84 inches high, approx. 77 inches wide.

The seating configuration from front to rear is: 3-seater bench (driver & 2 passengers); 3-seater bench; 3-seater bench (2 solid + 1 fold-up for passage to rear); 2-seater bench (passage to rear); 3-seater bench (rear)

1988 Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen Limousine

Owned by Kevin Overland in Rissa, Norway

This 1988 Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen is 90cm longer (about 35 inches) than the usual Gelendewagen. It had a 2.8 liters 6 cyl. engine (now upgraded to an 3.0 liters diesel turbo engine) with automatic transmission. It seats 11 and sits on 18" wheels with BF-Goodrich winter tires.

The car is currently being restored, but is used every day in Norway by Kevin. Only 2 of these were produced, the production number from Armbruster is: 89501X

1969 Pontiac in New Jersey

Update Feb 2010: This is now owned by Skip Powelson in the Detroit area.

Thanks to David E. Knoop MD and Venice C. Knoop from New Jersey for this 1968 or 1969 Pontiac. The ID number was 252469P183200, an old auto insurance policy says 1969.

"We had five kids and had this Pontiac Stageway built for our family and named it "The Ark," since it could carry at least two of everything. With three doors on each side, each kid had a window and a seatbelt. Of course we could put additional kids and stuff in the back. We had power windows all the way around and a specially constructed luggage rack on top. I believe the rack was an aluminum Chrysler product. We added the "wood" trim. As you can see, with the "wood" trim and whitewalls it was a beauty".

"The policy lists it as a 340HP Pontiac 8 purchased 02/69 at a cost of $8400. It had power windows and power door locks for all 6 doors. If I recall, this was the first time Stageway installed the power door locks on a stretch, and they did not quite figure it out correctly so they installed an extra switch. I forget whether they finally got it right".

"We eventually gave it to Morristown Memorial Hospital (where I had pediatric privileges) and it was used to transport medical students from Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia University Medical School). Later still we bought it back from the Hospital and it was garaged in our barn for several years. We gave or sold it to one of my patients who was going to restore it. I am trying to track it from there".

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Cruiser Limousine
By Stageway
Owners Alan Crancer, Dennis Watford and Bryan Butler in Mississippi.

Great restoration on this 12-passenger Airport Limousine. Only 20 8-door Airport Limousines were produced by Manufacturing Body Company of Knightstown, Indiana. They were then sold under the name "Stageway".

It took 10 years to restore this limousine and is the only known 1957 Chevrolet Stageway that has been restored in the United States. For additional information email at: vcrancer@aol

Before and After

1955 and 1957
Owned by Gary Esse in Madison Wisconsin, these cars are
available for movies and videos, contact Gary at 608-221-8555

1968 Stageway YMCA bus
Owned by Ben Merkel

1960 Biscayne Kingswood 12 Passenger Airport Limo
Owned by Brian Pasch, car is currently being restored.

1969 Plymouth Fury Wagon.

Owned by Kirk Hackworth in Evergreen, Colorado.
Can't be many of these around!

1951 Studebaker

At Drivers Club International Meet held in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Thanks to Craig Parslow for these photos taken at the 1999 Studebaker

1962 GMC 15 passanger Suburban
This was sent to me by 'Gary' (didn't get the last name
or city) but was last seen in Pocatello, Idaho in 1998

Thanks to Lee Hartman for the latest in on this.


1988 Lincoln Town Car
By Armbruster/Stageway, owned by Scott McLean

1960 Suburban 4x4 by Stageway

Thanks to Frank Sannino of Ocean City, NJ for this
photo of his 1960 Chevy Suburban Airport Limousine.

(Possibly a Stageway)

1978 Lincoln Limousine by Stageway

The Executive Limousine
1977 by Armbruster/Stageway
Thanks to Rich Ramis for this photo and John Dustin for year identification.

1981 Armbruster

1978 Buick Electra 225
By Armbruster Stageway

1978 Lincoln Continental 9 passenger by Stageway
Owned by Karl McEvoy in Westminster, Maryland

1975 Chrysler Limousine by Stageway

1982 Buick Electra Limousine
Custom 8 Door by Armbruster

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