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These are Specially built cars and some miscellaneous pictures.

1964 Rare Lehmann-Peterson found in Dublin Ireland!
VIN 4Y82N426756
This rare 1964 Lehmann-Peterson now owned by Stephen Bergin

Thanks to Stephen Bergin from Dublin Ireland for this great find and sharing this information! Here is the history of the car that Stephen passed along:

The first owner was Browns Furniture Centre 11004 Childs St. in Silver Springs, Maryland. The car spent a lot of its life in Spain (I was told that it was owned by an Embassy I dont know if this is true because alot of the paper work is in Spanish)

The next owner lived in Fuengirola Malaga Spain, who is believed to have bought it in Honolulu on 4/18/75 (see enclosed certificate of ownership) The registration on the car at that time was 7B.6721. It was then driven from Spain to England on the 30 of May 1978 (I have the boat ticket).

It was then owned by a gentleman in Blaydon Tyne where it was registered as SHY 1.

It was then sold to a man in Stockport and after that by West End Saw Mills Broadbottom Via Hyde and its registration was changed again to MNL420.

I bought the car in Ireland from a friend who imports classic American cars from England. If any readers have any more info on this car please email below. I am a collector of cars and this car will remain in my collection as I have never sold a car yet.

E-mail Stephen here with any other information on this car.

This car may be one of only 3 by Lehmann-Peterson, the VIN suggest this is the 3rd conversion.

Early 1964, VIN 4Y82N411483
From Sept/Oct 1997 Continental Comments, was owned by Tim Brady in Kansas.
(Read more on this car on the L-P Articles page)

An update on this car, the car has been owned by Owen Friesen since 1999 (bought from Tim Brady). Owen sent an update on the car in Oct. 2010. Mechanically it's almost 100%, the A/C needs converted to something that's legal and then the vacuum system can be tested. There's some kind of slow draw on the battery that needs to be found. Then it's all cosmetic. Interior needs to be redone & exterior needs a little bit of bodywork & then paint. Having a hard time finding mouton for the floor & the proper broadcloth for the seats/doors/headliner.

This ad from a 1970 New York Auto Show Program.

Rare 1970 Lehmann-Peterson for sale on Ebay 11/13/03

1970 Lehmann-Peterson
Parked in front of one of Lehmanns many motor homes.

Another 1970 sold to a California Record Executive.
It is said that this car later belonged to Sonny & Cher
The car had silver beverage server, mink covered jump
seats, also equipped with a siren and spotlight.

1970 Lehmann-Peterson Cadillac

This Cadillac photo on top is from the book "80 Years of Cadillac LaSalle" by Walter M.P. McCall clearly stating that Lehmann-Peterson customized not only Lincolns but other makes also. The photo on the bottom is from the current owner Richard Sisson in Maryland. Richard was told that his car was the L-P customized car and he is looking for any other information to verify this is true.

Click here to e-mail Richard with any information on this car

One-Off Mark III Continental Sedan

From a 1989 Magazine

by B.B. Mills

MK III makes a very good looking, somewhat sporty four-door.

No matter where he parks it, Frank Masi's Mark III Continental four-door sedan is a crowd stopper.

The medium-blue metallic-lacquered car was the only four-door built on the Mark II frame. Ordered by the late Grover M. Hermann, former chairman of the board of the Martin-Marietta Corporation, the Mark III was modified by Lehmann-Peterson coachworks.

The 1970 Lincoln was received at the Lehmann-Peterson shop in Detroit (actually Chicago, an article error) in April of that year, where it was disassembled for body reconstruction. With the frame extended 7.3 inches, the drive-shaft was also extended. No additional mechanical changes were made. The slightly altered padded roof configuration was to match the car's added length, since the rear deck area wasn't changed.

Center opening doors give easy access to the silver-blue leather lined interior, in which the front seat backs still fold forward, as on the coupe. Room in the rear compartment is limousine size.

An interesting sidelight on the car's history is that one was supposed to have been built especially for Henry Ford II. Mr. Hermann heard of this and phoned Ford asking for a similar car. Ford replied that the Mark III came only as a two-door coupe. Hermann advised Ford not to forget where they got a sizable amount of their business, whereupon Ford asked Hermann what color four-door Mark III he wanted.

Ford Motor Company has no record of a Mark III Lincoln Continental being converted to a four-door, either for Henry Ford II or as a company-owned car, which makes Masi's car a bona fide one of-a-kind Mark III.

Small notches on edge of rear seat were needed to clear thick doors and armrests.

Converted to a sedan, the car's center pillar extends to the roof. The door windows are frameless and close against molded rubber weatherstripping. The body is tight and rattle free. Wind noise is minimal, and there are no drafts around doors and windows. The finished car weighs 5,594 pounds, some 719 pounds more than the old coupe. It is agile and responsive, with road holding actually superior to the Mark III coupe. Assigned Work Order 7016, this car was the third from last Lincoln to be built to order by Lehmann-Peterson. After Mr. Lehmann's death, the unfinished car was sent to Moloney Coachbuilders in Schaumburg, Illinois for finishing. Shipped from the factory painted grey, it was repainted blue and delivered to Mr. Hermann in December 1970. The cost of the conversion was $13,325, in addition to the $8,873.50 price of the coupe. Later alterations added $3,222.53.

Hermann kept the car until 1977, when it was traded on a new Lincoln. Mr. Masi is the second owner.

Custom coachwork bill seems cheap compared to some restoration costs today.

Repair and restoration when car was relatively young cost the price of a good used car back then.

(A more recent photo)

Lincoln Continental Coronation Coupe

Auto Topics Magazine, July 1966

The Lincoln Continental Coronation Coupe. Bumper bars on the the trailing edge of the rear quarter were removed, as were the reflectors. Town car appearance is emphasized reducing the size of the rear window and filling in the side window area completely.

THE CHICAGO firm of coach builders whose customized conversions have transported presidents, potentates, the Pope and other People in High Places has done it again.

Lehmann-Peterson Inc. has built the Coronation Coupe, a new example of classic coachwork and contemporary design which is doing the rounds of the auto show circuit this year. This idea car was designed from a Lincoln Continental Coupe by Ford Motor Company stylists. Lehmann-Peterson has been specializing in building the Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine, converting the four-door sedans into a luxury limousine just over 21 feet long.

Building a one-of-a-kind show car or specialty car is the kind of customizing and conversion work which the skilled craftsmen at such shops welcome as a diversion and a challenge. The vehicle came to them as a spanking new two-door hardtop coupe model introduced by Lincoln Continental this year and fresh from the factory at Wixom, Michigan.

First thing Lehmann-Peterson did was strip it inside and out as a car never was stripped by operators like Moonlight Auto Parts and their kind. Working under the guidance of Ford Motor Company stylists, who provided sketches, the coachbuilders first sent the seats, cushions and interior trim panels to their upholstery group where an entirely new interior was created. Then, working with the stripped car, the body men began the two major styling innovations which gave further emphasis to its formal and elegant appearance. A broad band of genuine walnut veneer was applied the full length of the body just above the rocker panel, and the rear quarter was enclosed completely with a padded vinyl section replacing the customary quarter window.

Here's how a show car is customized as pictured at Lehmann-Peterson.

Redesigned grille is installed by Mervin Culver, left, and Bill Leahy, right. The addition of 12 vertical bars to the standard horizontal grille treatment gives a checkered effect. The vertical bars were "fish-mouthed", press fitted into place and welded.

Taking final measurements for the walnut veneer molding on the special show car. The 10-inch strip runs the length of the car and is bordered by a chrome molding on top and a stainless steel rocker molding on the bottom.

Working from stylist's renderings, Culver measures fitting of sheet metal insert for enlarged rear quarter window area, which gives a closed limousine effect.

The ultimate in interior luxury, silk brocade seats in combination with leather, and thick mouton carpeting and all in virtual rear seat privacy.

Stock Lehmann-Peterson Lincoln with retrofitted
Mark III front and rear clips attached.
(This beleived to be a one-off car)

An update on Feb. 9th, 2007 with great news on this car! It has now been
located in Texas and is currently owned by Damir Nozinovic. Damir stated
that it had been in storage for the last 20 years and was owned by an older
gentleman who owned an oil company and limo service. Damir is currently
going through the car now and is considering selling it in a few months.
It is all original with mint interior and 40k miles on it.

From a Ford/Lincoln advertisment

George Lehmann and plant manager Bill Palmer
standing by a 1969 Gold Plated Limousine.

Robert Peterson looks over the Gold plated limousine.

1969 Gold plated Limousine

Plush interior of the 1969 Gold plated Limousine

This photo was a cover for a Funeral Magazine.

Ford sponsered ad that appeared in many national magazines.

Lehmann-Peterson Press photo for a 1964

These 1965 photos seen on Ebay.

Interior of a 1965, possibly a very early press photo.

A 1969, photo from Auburn, Indiana mid to late 1990's
(Rich Ramis mentions that this could be the car used in the Nixon movie)

1969, (Miscellaneous picture)

(Miscellaneous picture)

(Miscellaneous picture)

(Miscellaneous picture)

(This photo from a 1966 Popular Mechanic about Lehmann-Peterson)

Read more about the L-P badges on the Articles page.

Lehmann-Peterson Model Cars

1964 home-made Lehmann-Peterson Model
Made by Mark McTavish

Mark sent these photos of a 1964 model he is working on and want to eventually market it. He has taken a Dinky Toys # 170 1964 Lincoln Continental, cut it in half, and inserted the 34 inch stretch and made some improvements to the original, for example the small “hump” on the rear door which is not on the original. Work is still in progress on it.

1967 Lehmann-Peterson model by IXO for Altaya (1/43 scale)
Thanks to Roberto Santa Cruz in Mexico City for this photo.

Micro Machines 1/120 seen on Ebay

1964 model kits seen on Ebay.

1967 Lehmann-Peterson #262 Model Car
By Corgi Toys in England
Car has an illuminated TV screen, these can be found on Ebay.

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