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Famous people who have owned or used Lehmann-Peterson Limousines.

The Beatles
Leaving the Hotel Warwick in New York for their Shea Stadium concert on August 15th, 1965.

Elvis Presley 1967 Lehmann-Peterson

These next 3 pictures are candid photos taken by Alexandria Miller, the description with the photos state that this took place at 10550 Rocca Place in Bel Air, California. Wrote on the back it says "Elvis with new limo given to him by Col. Tom". It should be noted that it has never been confirmed that Elvis actually owned a Lehmann-Peterson, he was always known to love Cadillacs.

This update from James Campbell: Elvis Presley owned a 1967 Lehmann Peterson Limousine. L-P Production Number 67016. Serial number 800088. Unfortunately, this vehicle does not show up on the Lehmann Peterson Survivors List.

Peg Peterson daughter of Robert Peterson says her dad spoke of an Elvis car but did not have any photos though.

These next 2 from the Elvis documentary "200 Cadillacs"

A few more candid photos of Elvis with his Lehmann-Peterson

1968 Robert F. Kennedy Limousine ?
Currently owned by a party in the San Francisco Bay area.
(Was previously owned by David L. Laigle of Houston, Texas.)

It is said that this car was ordered and built for Robert F. Kennedy, however he was killed before it was delivered. It was then sold to the original buyer as the Robert Kennedy car.

Football star Rosie Greer was said to know about this car, however former owner David Laigle in Texas spoke with Greer around 2004 and said that he was unable or unwilling to shed any light on the car. If anyone has any other information on this car please contact me.

(Was previously owned by Colonial Limousine Service, Williamsburg, Virginia.)

1965 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine
Built for Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of Defense

(Sold on Ebay January 2006, this is the sellers description)

This 1965 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine by Lehmann-Peterson was a Government Special limousine specially constructed for Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense under both President John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. It is 1 of only 15 leased by the U.S. Government. Furthermore, of these 15, only 3 are still known to exist - 2 cars used by President Lyndon Johnson and this totally restored example. This limousine has had many dignitaries in it and many military/government security decisions were made in the car. Incidentally, I actually spoke with Secretary McNamara about the limousine 3 months ago. When used by the Department of Defense, the car had a secure radio telephone with voice scrambler for communication with both the Pentagon and the White House; however, the telephone was removed when it was taken out of government service. The telephone connection cables are still with the car, and there are also vent ports in the trunk to allow heat from the original equipment to escape. The limousine still has the two 5" Lucas parade lights with alternating “wig-wag” function, the two front fender flag holders, and a factory 5" Sony T.V. In addition, it also has the Lehmann-Peterson dash plaque which states "Especially built for Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara," and I have a letter from Lehmann-Peterson authenticating the limousine. The car has just gone through an extensive 2 year restoration, and I have many pictures documenting the restoration process. The entire car has been re-worked, including front and rear heat and air, power windows, complete interior with new leather, carpet, etc., new paint, new tires, new vinyl roof, all new or rebuilt mechanicals, etc.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller's 1967 Limousine

Jackie Gleason's 1968 Lehmann-Peterson
VIN 8Y82G803675, L-P Production number 68009

Car was ordered with Bar and TV, Ice Chest in right side Arm Rest
Storage Compartment, Landau Irons with intials "JG", Burglar Alarm,
White Vinyl Top, Blue Mouton Carpet. Car color is a Daulton Blue.
(See Production sheet below)

This car is on display at Carr's Museum in Spokane, WA.

Production sheet for Jackie Gleason's Lehmann-Peterson


Elizabeth Taylor enters a L-P in New York on June 28, 1965

Owned by Ronald Reagan prior to being President.

Reagan inside his car with some of his loyal fans? NOT!

These from a Hemmings ad claiming to be the Reagan limousine
Added on May 20, 2010

From a Chicago Historical Antique Automobile Museum flyer.

1965 Lyndon B. Johnson Lehmann-Peterson Limousine
43 Years Later, Still a Presidential Running Mate
LBJ's 1965 Lincoln limo now idles in Middleborough

(Article from The Boston Globe Feb. 2008)

MIDDLEBOROUGH - For John Lawlor, the link between automobiles and presidents isn't limited to a holiday weekend once a year. Lawlor, self-proclaimed "spiritual, technical, and menu adviser" to Tom and Ray Magliozzi's long-running National Public Radio "Car Talk" show, owns one of the limousines used in the 1960s by Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th president of the United States.

Lawlor keeps the custom Lincoln, a 1965 model, in a garage that used to be part of the Maxim Fire Truck Co. complex, along with other vehicles he calls "orphans of today's collector-car and memorabilia craze."

But LBJ's car attracts the most attention. Lawlor came across it in 2002 while scouring the Internet. He searched for "Lehmann-Peterson," referring to George Lehmann and Robert Peterson, auto designers who collaborated with Lincoln between 1962 and 1970. During that time, they redefined the American limousine in their Chicago workshops.

"It was on consignment with a high-end dealership in Florida," Lawlor said. "I contacted them the next day, but they told me I was just too late, that the car had been sold."

The dealership gave him the new owner's name, however, and Lawlor tracked him down. "He was a serious collector," he said. "Another of his cars was one of the mid-'50s Cadillacs used in the film 'Driving Miss Daisy.' "

The owner told Lawlor the black limo "had been used in government service and may have been used by LBJ." In 2006, the limo was put up for sale again, and Lawlor bought it on the spot. "I paid about what you'd expect to pay for a nice Lincoln - not a limo - from that period," he said, about $20,000.

The seller attached one condition to the transaction. "He made me give my word that I wouldn't use the car commercially," said Lawlor, meaning he couldn't rent it out. "He wanted the car to go to someone who would preserve it for its historical value." It was only when the transport driver was unloading the car in Middleborough that Lawlor found out for certain he had purchased a presidential limo.

"The driver asked me where I'd found LBJ's car," said Lawlor. "I told him I hadn't, but he said, 'Oh, yes, you did.' "

Sure enough. If the dashboard plaque that said Lehmann-Peterson built the limo expressly for Johnson wasn't enough to convince him, the White House radio phone with extensions still labeled made it pretty clear that this was a special vehicle.

Most of the Lincolns made by Lehmann-Peterson, including those built for Cabinet members, had a walnut case in back that housed a small black-and-white TV, but this one was different. "It had a pop-up bar and the original crystal [glassware] that came with the car," Lawlor said. "It also had LBJ's inaugural invitation, a schedule of events, and keepsake keychain."

And it was in remarkably sound condition, with just 36,000 miles on the odometer and a 430-cubic-inch engine that produces 340 horsepower.

To create a presidential-worthy limo, Lehmann-Peterson took the basic Lincoln sedan of the day, cut it in half, added extra support and a 34-inch insert. The result was a car that was a shade over 22 feet long with more body rigidity than a standard Lincoln. The thicker body panels were more for reinforcement than protection - genuine armored limos would not come until later. The suggested retail price of a Lincoln sedan was about $6,400; Lehmann-Peterson versions cost $16,000 and up.

"It's got plenty of power," said Lawlor. "It's also remarkably stiff and rattle-free. And, for its size, it's pretty nimble. It's right at home on the roads today, and you could use it as a special-event vehicle."

Still, Lawlor drives it sparingly. "You don't want to challenge our potholes in winter or spring," he said.

Craig Fitzgerald, a staff editor at Hemmings Motor News, the bible of the collector-car industry, estimated the car's value at between $100,000 and $125,000.

"It's got two things going against it and one thing going for it," Fitzgerald said. "First, Lincolns never have been big-money cars. Nor have limos. They tend to be hard to drive and take up a lot of storage space. But it has the presidential cachet."

To Lawlor, LBJ's car is priceless.

"How do you put a price on something that was part of history?" he said. "Nobody else wanted it when I bought it. And nobody helped me make the credit cards payments when I was paying for it."

1968 Lyndon B. Johnson Lehmann-Peterson Limousine

This from a postcard from the LBJ Library and Museum in Austin, Texas. The description on the card states that it was presented by the Ford Motor Company and was used in Washington, then in Austin. Equipped with security communications, radio, telephone, and television. A large soundproof passenger compartment also provided ample space for discussion in transit.

To view a short news clip of this on YouTube Click here

Humorous story about LBJ's and this L-P Limousine
This sent to me from George Taylor

"Just had a personal story I would like to share. I had a hot rod Falcon and was cruising West Texas between Fredericksburg and Johnson City about 100 mph around 1967. To my left in the prarie I saw what I thought was a tornado and then recognized a black Lincoln Lehmann-Peterson Presidential limousine with Lyndon Johnson behind the wheel. He looked drunker than Hooter Brown and was running WAY faster than my 100 mph across the prarie. He went through a barbed wire fence and rooster tailed the Lincoln ahead of me and was gone headed for Johnson City. Wish I had a camera. The cars were huge but I can attest to their ability to leave a 100 mph Falcon in the dust."

Cheers George Taylor

LBJ taking official delivery on his 1968 L-P

Robert Vaughn and his 1965 Lehmann-Peterson.

This update on 01/10/2002, an associate of Robert Vaughn has informed me
that he sold this car to a funeral home probably around 1996 in New Haven,
Conn. since then the funeral director has died and car whereabouts unknown.

(Photos from an article in 1980 Continental Comments)

Sophia Loren article written by columnist Irv Kupcinet of
"Kups Column", he was good friends with George Lehmann.

Used by Lana Turner

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