Lehmann-Peterson Private Owners

This page features individual (and proud) owners of Lehmann-Peterson Limousines.
(Some miscellaneous photos also on this page)

1964 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine
VIN 4Y82N432075

I owned this in the 1970's, it came from out of Washington D.C. I bought it when I was 20 years old for $400.00! It had a Senate parking sticker on the windshield and was told it to belonged to Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, but I could never verify this. It had no division window and normal size rear window. I traveled in a band with it for a few years, sorry I had to sell it in 1977.

Sold in April of 1977 in Toledo, Ohio, todays whereabout unknown.

To view a short 8mm film of this car on YouTube Click here

Auctioned at J.C Daniel sale summer of 2003.

Chad Hunt's 1964 Lehmann-Peterson from Morgan Hill, California.
One of the earliest known to exist.

Another L-P survivor is found!

This 1965 is owned by Sam in Grand Rapids, MI. It was originally owned by his grandparents Daniel and Dorothy of Fremont, Mich who ordered it new in October, 1964. Sam rode in it when he was a kid (it was driven by their longtime manservant), his grandparents owned it until his grandmother's death in 1989. It was then brought to Northport, MI by his uncle and cousin and they owned it until 2002, when he took over.

Aside from regular maintenance and replacements and being repainted in the 1990s, it is 100 percent original and unmolested. It has just over 55,000 miles on it.

Owned by Dan Howard in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Purchased in November 2004

Don Pepper's 1965 at the 1989 WNM, South Lake Tahoe

Misc Photo

Thanks to Roberto Santa Cruz from Mexico for this photo and information.

This 1966 Lehmann-Peterson was once owned by Coronel Jose Garcia Valseca a Mexician Militar who owned "El Sol De Mexico" newspapers, one of only 37 newspapers in all the Mexican Republic. The Coronel with more imagination and money build the 'Cadena Garcia Valseca' which was similar to the Hearst company. He passed away in 1981. Roberto says this was one of the most luxorious cars in Mexico during the sixties.


Owned by Sanmar Anthony Aungon and Mrs. Cherry Aungon
VIN: 6Y80G409428

Anthony who lives and works in England bought this car in 2001 in the
Phillippines (as seen on display in the bottom photo) and made vast
interior and exterior restorations. The car is still in the Phillippines so
Anthony was only able to work on it when he returned for Holidays.

(Anthony's 1966 prior to his purchase in 2001 and interior restorations)
Thanks to Irwin Kho in the Phillippines for this photo taken
at a local motorshow, the car belongs to a Limousine rental service.
Irwin notes that it has a Cornell University sticker on the windshield
and beleives it to be from somewhere on the east coast within the New
York State area, probably arrived in the Phillippines around 1989.

Owned by Heikki Salmela in Finland.

Heikki mentions that the car was imported from California about
1989 and he purchased it in 1992. This car is one that was not on
the VIN list, so great to see another Lehmann-Peterson survived!

Richard Rouse's 1966 at the 1989 WNM, South Lake Tahoe.


Owned by Ralf in Germany, previously was located in Geneva, Switzerland.

From the Seattle area with about 50,000 miles.
(No VIN or other info was provided)

Harvey Schofield's rare 1967 at the LCOC September 18, 2001 meet in
Gaithersburg, Maryland. Harvey received the Robert Peterson Trophy for

'Best 1964-69 Lehmann-Peterson Limousine'

VIN 7Y80G812708 / L-P Production #67046
This is one I (David Cline) currently own.

Photos from car shows here in West Michigan.

1967 Brochure
Photo from the original sales catalog.

Arthur Leason's 1968 Lehmann-Peterson, Worchesterschire, England.

For sale at RM Auctions in Auburn, IN on Labor Day 2011

(Thanks to Phil Skinner for this photo)

1969 Rear Compartment
With walnut bar and "Conversation Seating". The side armrests lift for
a lighted storage, or the customer could order a bar or ice chest instead.

George Caswell's 1969 Lehmann-Peterson at the 1991 ENM, Dellroy, Ohio.

Owned by James Storck of Storm Lake, Iowa
Be sure to visit Jim and his brother John's Lincolns by the Lake site.

This car has a rare option of a 2 inch rise in the roof.
Lehmann-Peterson produced only 3 limousines of this type.

1969 Lehmann-Peterson "Hi-Top"
Owned by Eli Tobias in Orlando, Florida

Eli says the car has 14,000 miles on it, the rear interior is awesome and is only missing the TV and the decanter set. The front seat area is in pretty good condition. The air ride suspension took a year to complete.

The VIN is 9Y82A999027, the L-P production # is 69063, the unit # is 9204. This car duplicates production #69004. It was received by L-P on 2/13/69 and was estimated to be finished by 4/23/69. Ordering dealer was Melrose Park and delivering dealer was Harr Lincoln-Mercury in Worchester, Mass. Originally sold to Mr. Ribakoff (Auto Rental).

Visit: http://www.facebook.com/missbigg

1969 Dodge Family Lehmann-Peterson
Photo from LCOC meet in Maryland.

Thanks to Eric Nordac for sending in photos of this famous Dodge Lehmann-Peterson which was once owned by Mrs. Horace Dodge of Palm Beach society fame, she married the former head of the Dodge Automobile Company. The car was restored by Doug Shute and is in Virgina now, it has fresh paint and a new top, is also riding on heavy-duty, bullet proof tires. The owner is searching for the appropriate decanter & crystal glasses if anyone knows which ones they came with.

That's Frank on the right who was the original chauffeur!

Norm Borgwardt's 1969 at the 1989 WNM, South Lake Tahoe

Owned by Greg Ryckman in Ontario

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