Rare Lehmann-Peterson Factory Pictures

The Lehmann-Peterson factory was located at 2710 North Sawyer in Chicago. The conversions were not done on a assembly line, even though the shop produced around 110 limousines annually!

Following the stripping of the interior and cutting away the
rooftop, the car is sawed in half just behind the doors posts.

Length is added to the disassembled body by welding in an extra
section behind the center post. Tests by Lincoln-Mercury show
the luxury limousine is actually stronger than the original sedan.

Shaping is required to fit the original door to new
center section. Added section has fixed window glass.

A 1966 during construction (photo from Sept. 1965)

Rough edges are carefully removed and all gaps are filled
to assure a flawless fit of the finished limo's vinyl top.

Padded rooftops are an elegant feature of all the Lehmann-Peterson
limousine conversions and typical of the coachmaker's art.

Applying the vinyl top to the 1965 LBJ limousine. The padded
fabric covered roof is riveted in place by Lehmann-Peterson
craftsman. The staples are later covered with chrome trim.

The small "opera" rear window is the easiest
way to identify a Lehmann-Peterson product.
(Some were produced however with a normal size window)

An oversized radiator is part of the heavy-duty cooling
system needed because the limos often "stand and wait".

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