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This privacy policy applies to the USS Gryphon Web Site at, the USS Gryphon Newsletter Archives at, and to the "Honor Among Warriors" web site at The purpose of this policy is to inform you about what kinds of information may be collected during your visit to our web sites and what is done with that information. Please note that this policy applies only to the content we have created and not to links placed in banner ads put into our pages by our service providers nor to other companies', organizations', or individuals' web sites to which we may have links.

What information is collected

USS Gryphon may obtain certain information about visitors to its web pages from its service providers. Information provided may include domain name, IP address, visited pages, referring URLs, search terms, browser and version, and other publicly available information.

USS Gryphon does not specifically ask for, collect, nor receive any other personally identifying information (such as name, account IDs, e-mail addresses, etc.) about visitors to its web sites.

How the information is used

USS Gryphon uses the information it receives to improve its web sites and services.

USS Gryphon does not sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise commercially make available any of the information it receives.

Collection and use of information by third parties

Visitors should be aware that the companies providing services to USS Gryphon may also collect and use information about visits to USS Gryphon's web pages.

To our knowledge, these service providers also only collect certain usage information such as the numbers and frequency of visitors and only use such data in the aggregate, except in cooperation with law enforcement bodies in regard to violations of applicable laws.

Service providers may use browser cookies to collect this information but, to our knowledge, these cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

Our service providers are

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CoreComm Communications, Inc. web page hosting
ATSPACE.COM (a free web hosting service of ZETTA HOSTING SOLUTIONS) web page hosting search services

Contacting USS Gryphon about privacy

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact Ken VanEseltine via e-mail at

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