Honor Among Warriors:
Gryphon Story

by Col. William D. Smith <Grifter77@aol.com>

This site provides the continuing thrilling saga of the crew of the Federation Starship USS Gryphon on its maiden voyage.

New chapters are added to this site within a month after their appearance in Gryphon Trek Gazette.

The story so far ...
    Chapter 1.  Preparation
    Chapter 2.  The Crew
    Chapter 3.  Underway
    Chapter 4.  Shakedown
    Chapter 5.  Distress
    Chapter 6.  Liberty
    Chapter 7.  Conspiracy
    Chapter 8.  Rumble in the Promenade
    Chapter 9.  A Welcome Addition
    Chapter 10.  Romulans
    Chapter 11.  Chalk One Up for the Good Guys
    Chapter 12,  Uncommon Valor
    Chapter 13:  Interrogation
    Chapter 14:  Battle Lines

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