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These links point to pages about muskrat fur or a product made from something that comes from muskrats.  Usually this is its fur but, also, muskrat musk is used in the making of some perfumes.

In the case of toy bears made from old muskrat coats and fishing flies, these are handmade products.  (I was surprised by the number of pages that referenced muskrat as dubbing for fishing flies.)

[If you are looking for (1) a particular product with Muskrat in it's name or (2) a product relating to muskrats but not made from muskrats, you might find it on my Other page under (1) "Commercial Products Named 'Muskrat" or (2) "Other Products Relating to Muskrats ".]


"Muskrat" Specialty Fibres entry in "The Textile Dictionary" of the Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design

Muskrat fur (pelts) is available from Animal Furs and Hair catalog, The ARBIDAR Co. (forensic, research, and educational materials).

Arancel de Aduanas (in Spanish; Capitulo 51) uses muskrat as an example of "fine fur", to differentiate it from wool or "ordinary fur".  From TLC Mexico - Costa Rica, Costa Rica - Viajes - Turismo - Negocios - Infoweb S.A.


The muskrat (rata almizclera, in Spanish) is mentioned on Composición de los Perfumes from El Mundo del Perfume, StyloWeb.


Fur Earmuffs includes those made with muskrat fur from Fraser's Fur.

Sheared Muskrat coat from Georgia's Fur Salon, Inc., Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Musquash sporrans are available from Clan Albanach - Sporrans (home page Clan Albanach) and from Piob Mhor of Scotland - Sporran Page 10 (home page Scottish Kilts, Sporrans, Brogues, Tartan and Bagpipes).

A Black Muskrat Dress Sporran is available from Scottish Lion Import Shop.

Teddy Bears

Drew is a teddy bear made from an old muskrat coat.  (A picture of him is on the page, too.)  He's offered for sale, so you may want to check out the real fur bears from the home page My Apple Tree.

"Victoria" is a muskrat fur bear pictured on Sample Bear Pictures from Creative Stitches by Dina.

Lillian, pictured and described on small muskrat page, is a 7" bear made from a recycled muskrat stole.  From Teddy Bear Essentials.

Fishing Lures and Dubbing

Muskrat fur's qualities that make it popular for dubbing are briefly described on the Hair & Fur page at Fly Fishing Network.  Muskrat is also featured in "Ultra-Dub", "Blended Natural Dubbings", and "Blended Natural Dubbings" on their Dubbing page.

Polly's Casual Dress uses muskrat for the tail, body, and collar.  It is the February 1998 Fly of the Month from Federation of Fly Fishers.

The use of muskrat dubbing is shown on Page 8 of BT's Fly Fishing Products' catalog.

Sparkle Rat, a muskrat-zelon blend, is available from Fred Reese's Trout Shop.

Muskrat fur is used for the body of Grassington's Silver lure on "Spice up your Spring" by Hans van Klinken, Eastern Woods and Waters Online Edition, Spring 1997.

You can do a search for "muskrat" (using Flytier's Search Page) from Flytier's Page and find many flies using muskrat.

Muskrat Nymph has a muskrat dubbing body.  From Mike's Flicted Webpage.

And here's one from Argentina: in Spanish, José Luis Scrivano describes in his article Wet Flies: ahogadas clásicas a fly, Soft Hackle, that includes muskrat fur.  Home page:  Pescando con Mosca en la Patagonia Argentina (Fly Fishing in Patagonia Argentina).