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This page has links to other web pages having something to do with muskrat, but they don't seem to fit into the categories of my other pages.

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Habitat Diorama
Here's an interesting thing.

Permanent Exhibits, tells us that, in 1890, Carl Akeley created the first known total habitat diorama, the muskrat group.  From Milwaukee Public Museum.

These sites reflect a mystical, spiritual, or philosophical understanding of the muskrat.

"Of muskrats and mortality" by Ona Siporin is an essay describing antics of muskrat and other wildlife and reveals why the author relates these subjects to her father, a victim of cancer.  High Country News, August 19, 1996.

Muskrat hunting is a seasonal event teachers take into account when making up their cards during yearly Dene Kede curriculum planning.  See A Dene Perspective Teacher Resource Manual, Part 1: Orientation to Dene Kede, E. Planning, from Dene Kede Education: A Dene Perspective, Teacher Resource Manual, Curriculum Services, Kindergarten - Grade 12, Northwest Territories Education, Culture and Employment.

Animal Spirits -- "M" has a section about Muskrat; from yoUR Psychic -- Dr. George P. Butler, Sr..

Parakeet, Muskrat, Dhole/Asian Whistling Dog and Fish from Shamanism Working With Animal Spirits Core.

A Nature Spirit - Muskrat - talks with Janet Dane from Jan's Intuition Page - Listening to Nature, Devas, Angels & Spirit Guides.

The Garuda Purana tells us someone who steals perfumes will be reincarnated as muskrat, according to Reincarnation, its meaning and consequences from A Comparative Analysis of The Major World Religions.

Animals, Birds, and Insects and their Meanings tells us that, in dreams, a muskrat "denotes a repulsive attitude, an aversion". Home page: Dreams of the Great Earth Changes.

History of Vegetarianism - Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) gives the following quotation; it is also available in Spanish on Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862).
I saw a muskrat come out of a hole in the ice ... While I am looking at him, I am thinking what he is thinking of me. He is a different sort of man, that's all. - Journal

News Articles
Here are some news stories or other accounts about muskrat that did not fit in the other categories.

President Zachary Taylor hated the nickname "Muskrat Head" and had strong reactions to a mere mention of muskrats, according to Remembering President Zachary Taylor by Dave Mandl.

This sounds like a cute idea.  The December 3, 2000, issue of The Detroit News, in "Things to do", mentioned that Lake Erie Metropark would present "Have Yourself a Merry Little Muskrat." This Christmas craft program includes making a "muskrat ornament."  I don't know if this is an ornament shaped like a muskrat or made from, like, muskrat fur.

Some plants are named after their association with muskrats:

Acorus calamus is also known as "muskrat root", as evidenced by about 79 pages when you do a Google search for "muskrat root" "Acorus calamus".

Some animals that aren't a muskrat are named after the muskrat, too ... at least in Spanish.

Tipos de Canguros (Types of Kangaroos) gives, in Spanish, a little bit of a description of a kangaroo rat (rata almizclera marsupial, literally "marsupial muskrat") that lives in Australia, has a hairless tail, and eats insects.  From Los Canguros, (link is "Sandra" on) Alumnos/as curso "Iniciación a la Red Internet", InfoLand.

Commercial Products Named "Muskrat"
Some products carry the appellation Muskrat.

Western Canadian Spill Services Ltd. operates a fleet of twelve Muskrats--a 16-foot (5-metre) utility and safety-rescue boat.  A photograph of the boat is on the web page.

The DeHavenot Muskrat, a durable aircraft well suited for exploration, was created in the 1940’s for use in the Canadian bush.  As of 2002-Dec-08, the only references I can find on the web to this craft are in reviews of the flight simulation program Flight III Unlimited.  Examples are Flight Unlimited III preview from and Flight Unlimited III The DeHavenot Muskrat from AVSIM Online.

There is also a GI Joe action figure Muskrat; from YOJOE.COM: The 3 3/4" G.I. Joe Collector's Site.  GI Joe Muskrat is also featured on the cover of a GI Joe coloring book.

Ward Log Homes/Musquash Floor Plans presents plans for the Musquash as ideal for a lakeside retreat, a cottage by the sea, or a cabin in the woods. Home page Ward Log Homes.

Well, it is not quite a commercial product, but the Williams Lake Field Naturalists put out a newsletter named Muskrat Express.  [See Williams Lake Field Naturalists (Scout Island Nature Centre) from Vancouver Public Library Online.]

Other Products Relating to Muskrats
These are products that relate to muskrats but are not made from muskrats.  These products are also listed on my Books, Stories, etc. page, but each is more than just a book.

Dover Publications offers Jerry Muskrat as one of the characters in easy-to-apply tattoos (see Peter Cottontail Tattoos) and reusable peel-and-apply stickers (See Peter Cottontail Sticker Picture: With 38 Reusable Peel-and-Apply Stickers).  Both products are by Pat Stewart.

Sticker illustrations and easy-to-read text describe the habits and characteristics of 12 different woodland creatures including the muskrat in Learning About Forest Animals by Jan Sovak. See Learning About Forest Animals from Dover Publications.

Sturdy pre-cut images of a muskrat and other swampland animals can help young nature lovers illustrate school projects and decorate a host of flat surfaces in Fun with Swampland Animals Stencils by Paul E. Kennedy.  See Fun with Swampland Animals Stencils  from Dover Publications.

"Muskrat" in Different Languages
We're finding more and more sites that tell us how to say "muskrat" in different languages.  (In some cases, "musquash" or "musk-rat" will yield a translation when "muskrat" won't.)

Language   Source
Abenaki moskuas Volume 97 / Issue 1, Aln8bak News from the Cowasuck Band - Abenaki/Pennacook People
Alabama chissichoba Alabama Dictionary
Algonquin musquash Lecture No. 21 --Tracking Linguistic Drift: The Comparative Method
Cherokee selawksga RuninFox's Cherokee Home Page
Cree musquash The Muskrat
Czech ondatra (plural ondatry) - Multilingual Dictionary
Dakota sinkpe "Muskrats", Canku Ota: - A Newsletter Celebrating Native America, Issue 14, July 15, 2000
Danish bisamrotte, moskusrotte EUROPA - European Commission - Translation - EuroDicAutom - Search
Dutch muskusrat English-Dutch On-line Dictionary Search Results
Esperanto ondatro English-Esperanto On-line Dictionary Search Results
Estonian ondatra or piisamrott English-Estonian Dictionary
French le rat musqué NB Mammals / Mammifères du N.-B.
Finnish piisami Ondatra
German die Bisamratte The New English-German Dictionary
Greek ονδάτρα, μοσχόμυς
Αποτελέσματα αναζητήσεως : musquash
: musquash
[The bottom line here is for users of Netscape 4.76 and earlier.]
Hungarian pézsmapatkány English-Hungarian Dictionary
Italian topo muschiato BRUNO TOGNOLINI. RaiSat2. MULTICLUB, puntata 56
Latin Ondatra zibethicus EUROPA - European Commission - Translation - EuroDicAutom - Search
Latvian ondatra, bizamäda, or Free English - Latvian - English online dictionary
Menominee wi'skos or wi'skons Extract from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
Natick musquash Amerindian Words in English
Ojibwe wazhashk "Muskrats", Canku Ota: - A Newsletter Celebrating Native America, Issue 14, July 15, 2000
Portuguese ondatra, rato almiscareiro EUROPA - European Commission - Translation - EuroDicAutom - Search
Potawatomi shishko Potawatomi Dictionary
Russian Online English to Russian to English Dictionary
Saanich Saanich Classified Word List
Seneca (Mingo dialect) tsinutaka' Mingo-EGADS
Spanish rata almizclera The Internet Dictionary Project  [ and some other sites translate "muskrat" into ratón almizclero, which means "musky mouse", to me.  I have also seen "muskrat" translated as ondatra.]
Spanish (Mexican) musarania Entradas registradas en el glosario/diccionario
Swedish bisamråtta - Svensk/Engelsk ordlista

Thesaurus Entry
It is curious that muskrat appears under fragrance in Roget's Thesaurus.

"Muskrat" is included in Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 400 (Fragrance).  I first found this in Hirofumi Yamaki's personal directory at Ishida Laboratory, Department of Information Science, Kyoto University.  "Muskrat" also appears on Untitled -- 2. SENSATION off of Miguel Filgueiras' Home Page hosted at Núcleo de Ciência de Computadores, Universidade do Porto, Portugal and on a long-loading, very hard-to-read page  off of Kyongho MIN's Home Page hosted by the School of Computer Science & Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.  (If you view the source of Kyongho Min's page with a text editor, you'll have an easy-to-read formatted copy.)

Disease Spreaders
A not-very-cool thing about muskrat.

People have been reported to contract diseases, such as Omsk hemorrhagic fever, from contact with muskrat in western Siberia.
See Material Safety Data Sheet - 113 from Population and Public Health Branch (or, in French, Fiches techniques santé/sécurité - agents infectieux 113 from Direction générale de la santé de la population et de la santé publique),  Health Canada/Santé Canada.  For more detail, see SANINET -Notas de Prensa Generales (specifically, messages 11- "Enfermedad hemorrágica en Rusia por cacería", 37 - "Posible vacuna para enfermedad hemorrágica en Rusia", and 39 - "Enfermedad hemorrágica en Rusia, comunicado oficial"; the messages are in English) from SANINET: Red Andina de Información Sanitaria Agropecuaria.

Some sites offer muskrat bones for sale.

Prices for muskrat jaw bones and skulls are given on Miscellaneous Supplies from Stroudsburg Fur and Leather.

Muskrat skulls are priced on Animal Skulls from The Bone Room.

Photographs of muskrat skulls are linked to from my Photographs page.

Other Muskrat Sites
The following sites also offer links to other muskrat-related sites.

Muskrats from Rodent Zone.