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I figure if someone named a place "Muskrat", then there must be--or once was--a muskrat population there.  (Another possibility is that the place honors someone named Muskrat.)

Note this does not necessarily apply to roads or streets named "Muskrat" or even subdivisions or plats named "Muskrat". Some areas have streets named on a theme, such as animals, boys' names, girls' names, colleges, etc., regardless of whether the animals, children, colleges, etc., have any relationship at all to the area that contains the streets.  Therefore, I have not included real estate pages that offer property on Muskrat Drive, for example.

Muskrat Basin is in Wyoming
Wyoming Maps from iGage: All Topo Maps
Wyoming from ChartTiff Geo's
United States, Wyoming, Fremont from and from Region 6, the Mountain-Prairie Region, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Muskrat Bay in New York is mentioned in an article "Let It Snow" by Spider Rybaak [see Cover Story (010699) from the Syracuse New Times Net] and on Oneida Shores from Onondaga County Parks.

Muskrat Branch in North Carolina is mentioned
in the PDF document Hiwassee River Basin from North Carolina Waterbodies Reports (choose List all waterbodies in Hiwassee sorted Alphabetically) at North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources and
on White Oak Stamp and Buck Creek and Chunky Gal Mountain from SherpaGuides.
Muskrat Brook is
in Newfoundland, as given by
o Mel's Newfie Page from Mel's Homepage,
o Newfoundland Folklore, Sayings, Speech, etc. from Historic Newfoundland
o Newfoundland Place Names from Jim's Virtual Town,
o Newfoundland Place Names from Missy's World,
o Newfoundland Place Names from Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism,
o Newfoundland Placenames from Canada, and
o Sandra's Newfoundland Place Names from Sandra's Page,
and in Nova Scotia, as given by
o Author Index and Citation Index to "Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Branch Assessment Reports 1996-1999" from Minerals and Energy Branch, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and
o Report on a Diamond Drilling Program, North River, Victoria County, Nova Scotia from Nova Scotia Government Web site.

Muskrat Creek, Wyoming from New Perspectives on the West at PBS Online.  Wyoming's Muskrat Creek is also mentioned on Wyoming 303d streams listed by Watershed from Wyoming , America's Threatened Streams, Center for Environmental Education and Information

There is a Muskrat Creek in the Wisconsin counties of Eau Claire and Chippewa, according to STREAMS in LC15 from Watershed Tables of the Lower Chippewa Basin, Lower Chippewa River Basin, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Muskrat Creek in North Carolina is mentioned on Buck Creek and Chunky Gal Mountain from SherpaGuides.  Along the creek, one presumes, is Muskrat Creek Shelter.  This shelter provided the overnight stop between days 8 and 9 of "A Summer's Sojourn" along the Appalachian Trail for Linda, Ron, and Brandon Moak.  Their home page is  Muskrat Creek Shelter is also mentioned on White Oak Stamp from SherpaGuides.

Muskrat Cove is mentioned on several pages representing places in different states and Canadian provinces:
  Indiana   Re: willow slough from Out of State Lakes Bulletin Board, Chicago Illinois Fishing Information.
Ohio Broadsides and Crafter List from Yankee Peddler Festival
Pennsylvania Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park from Banana Republican
2000-2001 Calendar from Cub Scout Pack 344, Wexford, Pennsylvania
Moraine State Park and Organized Group Tenting from The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Moraine State Park from PlacesPA
Ontario 1992 North Channel Cruise from Sail Logs,

Muskrat Dam, ON, is a town with a small population in northwestern Ontario, that has an airport.  If you want to know it's three-letter airport code, check out Airport Codes of the World from David J. Smith's Mapping the World by Heart.

Contact information for the Muskrat Dam First Nation (in Muskrat Dam, ON, of course) is given on Muskrat Dam First Nation from Nishinawbe-Aski Nations Map.

Muskrat Dam Lake Indian Reserve of the Muskrat Dam Lake band, is on Native Places in Northern Ontario: Reserves H to M from Department of Geography, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Muskrat Falls, Granite at is featured on The Geological Highway Map of Newfoundland and Labrador from Newfoundland and Labrador - Traveller's Guide to the Geology off of Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Muskrat Falls on the Churchill River, Labrador, is mentioned on Manitutshu the Spirit Mountain at Muskrat Falls.  From Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat WWW Site.

Pictures of Muskrat Falls in Labrador are available on The Sedna Photo Gallery from A site about Labrador and Inuit. Sedna, the Mythical Goddess of the Sea.

A Muskrat Lake may be found ...
as a State Game Area in Clinton County on Clinton County, Michigan, from Michigan Economic Development Corporation.
in Muskegon County from University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology,
in Oscoda County, Michigan, on Michigan Snowmobiling, Muskrat Lake, Snowmobile Trail from Michigan Interactive, Michigan Outdoors,
as an AuSable state forest campground described on "Land Use Orders of the Director" from the State of Michigan web site,
in several counties in Wisconsin, as given by the following pages from
o Lake-Link: Muskrat Lake, Burnett County
o Lake-Link: Muskrat Lake, Douglas County
o Lake-Link: Muskrat Lake, Langlade County
o Lake-Link: Muskrat Lake, Rock County
o Lake-Link: Muskrat Lake, Rusk County
o Lake-Link: Muskrat Lake, Vernon County
and several sites mention Muskrat Lake near Cobden, Ontario:
o Across Canada from Road Trip USA,
o Algonkin from First Nations Site,
o Lakeside Cottages & Trailer Park from,
Muskrat Lake Page from Ottawa Valley Fishing,
o Southeast Lodges from The Outdoor Zones, and
o in French, as "Lac des Rats-Musqués" on A.P.P.A.L. - Plongées sous-marine des fins de semaines 1998 from Le site officiel de Pierre Lapalme.

Muskrat Lake (the one in Ontario) may be inhabited by a diminutive relative of the Loch Ness Monster named "Mussie".  See the entry for Michael Bradley's More Than a Myth: The Search for the Monster of Muskrat Lake on Loch Ness Bibliography (home page Delahoyde Homepage), The Muskrat Lake monster hunt...?, and Ontario’s Lake Monsters.

Muskrat Marsh (near Dayton, Ohio) is listed on Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm's Aquatic Habitats from Audubon Online.

Muskrat Pond is found in
  Illinois   Muskrat Pond is in Du Page County, Illinois; from the Chicago Area Paddling/Fishing Page
Also see Muskrat Pond (from Member Services, and
Northern Illinois Fishing Map Guide (from Sportsman's Connection).
Massachusetts (coming soon)
New York There are three Muskrat Ponds listed in New York State on Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation -- one in each of the counties of Herkimer, St. Lawrence, and Hamilton.  From Pond Data Information Site, Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation.
The most mentioned Muskrat Pond in New York is in the Black River watershed of New York (in Morehouse Township, Hamilton County, somewhere near the towns of Watertown, Carthage, Lowville, and Morehouse); see the following.
In the Black River Basin (Herkimer County) and the Saint Lawrence River Basin (Hamilton County) on List of Impaired Waters; from 1998 Section 303(d) List Fact Sheet for EPA Region 2, TMDL Program, Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Muskrat Pond Trail leads to Muskrat Pond; see Adirondacks State Park, New York - Moose River Recreation Area from
An overnight camp-out at Muskrat pond is part of Things That Go Bump in the Night, a Nature Kids educational program at Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall, NY.
Muskrat Pond is at 43° 37' N 74° 44' W, according to 6 NYCRR Part 196 [1/1] from Environmental Conservation Rules and Regulations, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
North Carolina Within Mason Farm, an area managed by North Carolina Botanical Garden.  Also mentioned on Return to the Farm.  From Wild Portraits.
A reading by John K. Terres about Muskrat Pond from an interactive CD-ROM software offering is available in MP3 format from Downloadable Sounds, from Magic Monkey.
Washington In the Yellepit Habitat Management Unit; see Letter Supplement Number 1, McNary Master Plan, Report Index, US Army Corps of Engineers -- Walla Walla District.
Newfoundland Muskrat Pond is in Newfoundland is somewhere near the community of Eddies Cove West; see Management Area 45 from Moose Management Areas, Hunting / Trapping Management Areas and Zones, Hunting, Trapping and Fishing, Wildlife & Resources, Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Ontario Muskrat Pond is found in the Terra Cotta Conservation Area, north of village of Terra Cotta; see Fishing and Rainbow Trout Stocking from Credit Valley Conservation.
News from the grade 3 class (13 juin, 2000) includes compositions by students that cover, among other things, a visit to Muskrat Pond.  From Lakeview School, Ottawa, Ontario.

Muskrat Run Nature Trail is found in Colorado's Barbour Ponds State Park according to Barbour Ponds State Park and Barbour Ponds State Park, from, and Barbour Ponds State Park from Denver City Guide - Recommendations and Reviews by Citysearch.

Muskrat Slough in Iowa is mentioned on
Administrative Code Bulletin: March 11, 1998 from Iowa General Assembly
EPD- Water Quality During 1996 and 1997 (305b Report), Iowa EPD- Water Resources - TMDL, and Huntinfo; all from the State of Iowa
History of the Grant Wood Trail from Linn County Trails Association from Iowa Department of Transportation at Bid Express
Total Maximum Daily Loads for Iowa, Region 7, from Total Maximum Daily Loads; hosted on U.S. EPA Web Server.
National Birding Hotline (Central): IOWA RBA Update 3/13/99 and IOWA RBA 3/15/99 from Birding on the Web
Olin, Iowa, from netINS
Public Wildlife Management Areas in Counties J - L from Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Bureau
Tourist Info from The Monticello Express Online
(In case you are curious, a slough is a depression or hollow usually filled with deep mud or mire.)

Presumably, there is a Muskrat Springs in the Muskrat Springs Access Area mentioned on Rare Bird Alerts - East from The Cape Cod Connection.

Muskrat Trail is mentioned on Coyote Hills Regional Park and on Hiking with kids from Bay Area Hiker.

Musquash, NB, is mentioned on
Charlotte County Towns & Areas (home page,
I2448: Mary LEONARD (____ - ____) (home page Tilton), and
The Wood Lines [home page Pam Wood Waugh's Family (and then some)].

The Anglican Parish of Musquash, Diocese of Fredericton is located in eastern Charlotte County, NB. Also see Parish of Musquash - Schedule of Services.  Home page: Anglican Church of Canada - Diocese of Fredericton.

Musquash Brook is mentioned on Acadian History and related Links (it also mentions "Meshequesh" in New Brunswick; home page Nova Scotia, French Acadian and Scottish Genealogy).

Musquash Brook and Musquash Brook Watershed are mentioned on Corridors from Open Space, Conservation Commission of Pelham, New Hampshire.

Musquash Cemetery, Hudson, NH, is listed on Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Cemeteries.  Home page

Musquash Channel is mentioned on McCrae Lake Loop from Canadian Canoe Routes and on Natural Areas Report: Bone Island from Natural Heritage Information Centre, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Musquash Conservation Area is mentioned on Londonderry from Eagle-Tribune Online.

Musquash Estuary in the Musquash Marine Protected Area is discussed on
Musquash Estuary by Janice Harvey from New Brunswick Environmental Network/Bienvenue au Réseau Environnemental du Nouveau-Brunswick and
Protecting Troubled Waters from The Gulf of Maine Times
and on more pages that I haven't listed yet.
Musquash Harbour is mentioned on
History of Nova Scotia; Acadia, Bk.1, Port Royal and The English Takeover: 1690-1744; Part 2; Ch. 5, Baptiste, The French Privateer & Assaults Overland; History of Nova Scotia, Bk1, Part2, Footnotes to Ch05; and Historical Biographies, Nova Scotia: "Baptiste": Pierre Maisonnat (1663-1714) (hosted at Blupete),
Maine Coast cruising harbors, coves, islands, anchorages (home page A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, Maine Coast Guide: Casco Bay), and
Brian J.J. Ellis, P. Eng. (home page ELLIS Engineering Inc.).

Musquash Head is mentioned on New Brunswick Lighthouses (home page Val and James Campbell's NEW Genealogy and Lighthouse Page).

Musquash Island is listed on
Maine Coast cruising harbors, coves, islands, anchorages (home page A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, Maine Coast Guide: Casco Bay),
New Brunswick Lighthouses (home page Val and James Campbell's NEW Genealogy and Lighthouse Page), and
New Brunswick Lighthouses (home page Stiffcrust)

Lower Musquash Island and Upper Musquash Island are mentioned on Place names in Queens County, New Brunswick (home page and on Sailing Directions and Small Craft Corrections / Arctic Canada, Volume 3, Fifth Edition, 1994 (or in French on Corrections aux Instructions et aux Guides nautiques / Arctique canadien, volume 3, cinquième édition, 1994; home page notmar--Notices To Mariners / Avis aux navigateurs).

Lower Musquash Island is also mentioned on Marine Navigation Services (or in French on Services à la navigation maritime; home page notmar--Notices To Mariners / Avis aux navigateurs).

Musquash Lake in Cook County, MN, is on Minnesota Rule 7050.0470 (home page Minnesota State Legislature--Office of Revisor of Statutes).

East Musquash Lake (in Maine, I presume) is mentioned on Topsfield, Maine mountain lake vacation cabin rentals: Birches Cabins.  Home page U.S. Resort & Cottage Registry.

Musquash Mountain (or Mount) near Topsfield. ME, is mentioned on
Hiking The International Lakeland Trail in Lincoln Maine (home page Northern Maine Recreation),
Maine Ham Repeater List and Maine Packet Node & BBS List (home page Maine Section ARRL),
Amateur Radio repeaters in New Brunswick, etc. (in French at Répéteurs du Nouveau-Brunswick et des alentours; home page
Page à Jean-Louis Tremblay), and
From York to the Allagash-Forest Fire Lookouts of Maine

Musquash Pond near Hudson, NH, is mentioned on Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes - July 8, 1997 (Home page Town Of Hudson, New Hampshire).

The Musquash River is mentioned on
Georgian Bay Islands National Park (Beausoleil Island) (home page Dave's Homepage),
98 Elver Plan (English) and 98 Elver Plan (French) (Home page: Fisheries and Oceans Canada Maritimes/Pêches et Océans Canada Maritimes),
Maine Coast cruising harbors, coves, islands, anchorages (home page A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, Maine Coast Guide: Casco Bay),
ACAP Saint John - What We Do from Atlantic Coastal Action Program Saint John,
ACAP from, and ECW Inc (Eastern Charlotte County, NB, Waterways), and
UNB ZONE - What is ACAP from UNB ZONE.

West Musquash in Washington County, Maine, is mentioned on Fred Plourde.  Home page American Fishing Conspiracy.

Musquash Swamp is mentioned on Litchfield , NH Wetland Survey 1996 - 1998 from Litchfield NH Town Website.

Musquash Township, Ontario, is mentioned on Digital Data Catalogue - open file reports accompanied by digital dataMines and Minerals, Digital Data Catalogue - ERLIS data sets from Ontario Mines and Minerals Division Homepage (or in French at Donnés numériques - rapports et dossiers gén´´raux from Ministère du Développement du Nord et des Mines de l'Ontario).

East and West Musquash Watershed, NB, are mentioned on Surface Water Protection Program (in French at Programme de protection des eaux de surface) from Development Officers Reference Manual On Environmental Issues / Guide de consultation concernant les questions environnementales pour les agents d'aménagement (home page Environment and Local Government/Environnement et Gouvernements locaux, Government of New Brunswick / Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick).

Rivière-aux-Rats (Rat River, in English) in Manitoba, Canada, is probably named for the quantity of muskrats found close to the river, according to Ville de La Tuque (in French at Ville de La Tuque). From CLD du Haut St-Maurice.

The small hamlet of Rivière-aux-Rats in Québec is mentioned on Mission 8 ("small regional indigenous lexicon plus" for N through R, in French, from Le Quai Rabaska!, home page Le Rabaska!).

Wisconsin is thought by some to be from wi'skos or wi'skons which means "muskrat".  See Extract from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton from Northern Plains Archive Project and "Some American Indian Names for Muskrat" on Canku Ota - July 15, 2000 - Muskrats from Canku Ota (Many Paths): An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America.

Canadian Geographical Names/Les noms géographiques du Canada has a query feature that is fun.  Try searches for the names Muskrat* and for Musquash*.  (Musquash is the Algonquian word from which muskrat is derived.) While we are on the subject of Canadian place names, the site's Geographical Names of Canada will tell you that "Rapides Muskrat" is French for "Muskrat Rapids" (even though "muskrat" is often translated as "le rat musqué").