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My drawings and photographs pages provide tiny thumbnails images of drawings (or paintings) and still photographs of muskrats.  (I put them on separate pages so you can get what you're after quicker.  Based on their sizes, each should load in under 3 minutes at 14,400 bps.)

Some sites don't have any pictures of muskrats on them but offer a product relating to muskrats or discuss some aspect of photographing muskrat.  These sites are listed below followed by sites with QuickTime movies pertaining to muskrats and those offering videos or films that have something to do with musrkats.


Muskrat wildlife viewing locations on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and photography tips are mentioned in "Beaver and Muskrat Locations" and "Finding Moose on the Kenai Peninsula".  From "Wildlife Viewing and Photo Locations on the Kenai Peninsula" from "The Kenai Peninsula's Wildlife and Sealife" which is, in turn, from Alaska Outdoor Journal.  "Canoeing in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge also mentions muskrats.

Aurora Photography, on its Stock Photo List page, lists "Wildlife, Muskrat" as one of the images available.

Moving Pictures

QuickTime muskrat movieThere used to be a QuickTime movie clip of a muskrat on the web. I happened to save a copy of the movie for my own viewing and I've placed a copy of it of it on a special video page; go there if you have the Apple QuickTime plug-in (or other plug-in that will play MOV files), you want to see this video clip, and you want to wait for the page to load.  (Estimated time to load the page at 14,400Kbps is 10½ minutes.)  I'm interested in obtaining more information about the owner of this movie clip.

from Institute of Cell, Animal & Population Biologyfrom Institute of Cell, Animal & Population BiologyMuskrat has a link to a VR movie of a stuffed museum specimen and Musk Rat skull has a link to a VR movie of a muskrat skull.  Each VR movie lets you use your mouse to rotate the object around its vertical axis so you can see the object from all sides.  You will need Apple's QuickTime plug-in (or other plug-in that will play MOV files), to see the VR movie.  From Natural History Collections: Gallery, Institute of Cell, Animal & Population Biology (ICAPB), hosted on the Helios serverThe University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

University of Michigan Museum of ZoologyOndatra zibethicus (Muskrat): Media has "spinning skull" videos that are viewable with Apple's QuickTime (or other) plug-in.  From University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Department's The Animal Diversity Web.

from CyberScol - Le monde de Darwin :  Les milieux humidesRat musqué has an AVI video clip of a swimming muskrat..  From Le «petit monde» du marais, Les milieux humides, Centre d'intreprétation de la nature du lac Boivin Inc.  Home page:  Le monde de Darwin.

De grâce et d'embarras is a film that follows the everyday life of Henri Letendre, farmer and muskrat hunter, living on l'île d'Embarras.  From Office national du film du Canada.  (This film is in French; I could not find it referenced from the English version of this site.)

Adirondack Outdoor Company offers Tom Miranda's video Pro Muskrat Trapping. (See Hunting, Trapping Videos, VHS Movies.)