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Elephants have the largest share of non-domestic animal jokes. Nonetheless, I found some humor relating to muskrats.

One of my favorite humorists, Dave Barry, wrote a column mentioning radioactive muskrats (appearing on or about February 6, 2000). It appears as
» "They need some help in Ohio" (The Holland Sentinel, Holland, MI)
» "Yummy poinsettias and radioactive muskrats" (The Recorder Online)
» "Pass the poinsettias but avoid glowing muskrats" (, an edition of The Standard-Times)
» Odd news coming from Ohio (The Denver Post)

"Wild Life" by John Kovalic is a comic strip bringing you glimpses into "the world of Carson, the lovelorn Muskrat".  Carson can also be found in John's comic strip "Dork Tower".  For an explanation of why Carson is in "Dork Tower", see Frequently Asked Questions.

One muskrat-related line appears on the You might be a Michigander! page of RING!OnLine. I assume this refers to a minister who declared muskrat was seafood; this allowed his congregation to eat muskrat in addition to fish for meatless religious observances. I don't know all the information behind this tale.

Matthew Henry presents "Muskrat from Hell", his whimsical portrait of a Godzilla-sized muskrat holding a partially chewed automobile in front of a burning building, off his home page, Wallville.

From American Memory from the Library of Congress, you can search for "A. J. Howell" and find an interview from the late 1930's of carpenter A. J. Howell of Oswego, Oregon. {The file is described as "WPA Life Hist [Early Reminiscences] (21,804 bytes)"}.  He tells of an incident of "fish-hawks catchin' muskrats".

Not-so-famous sayings gives us "To err is human. To eat a muskrat is not".  [Well, I certainly never heard it before!]  From Office Joke Home Page.

Star Trek fans:  "What if Mr. Spock had written the song 'Muskrat Love'?" from Bruce's Titanic Tower of Top Ten Lists!!! gives the words to Willis Alan Ramsay's song "Muskrat Love" as Star Trek's Mr. Spock would have composed it.

Rat musqué/Cadre général (in French) contains a humorous anecdote involving a fishing outing and a muskrat.  From Les mammifères(fiches techniques), L'Animalier des Affluents, Commission scolaire des Affluents.

Hoping to win this month's award for most unusual exercise, by Stephanie. She explains, "Make one comment in class about 'Muskrat Love,' and you get roped into writing something like this."  From the Writing Class After Hours board at The Women's Network -- busy women sharing solutions and advice.

This story is kind of muskrat-related, once removed. "Muskrat Love" is muskrat-related, so the story fits here. See Lawrence Brown's Minidisc Plays "Muskrat Love" Through Car Crash; from Minidisc Community Portal.