In each December newsletter I like to write something about Christmas for two reasons.
Number 1: It is sort of like a payment that I take for myself for doing the newsletter.
The January newsletter will be the start of volume 10, or my 10th year and the 120th issue. How time flies "Tempus Fugit." Number 2, It is my cheap way of sending you a Christmas card!

Well, so far the newsletter hasn't been very cheerful. Sometimes life isn't very cheerful. If anyone out there thinks that they have the corner on the "I'm hated game," you better start opening your eyes and ears. Christmas is under attack now like it never has been before!

Whatever happened to the America that I love? I cannot believe the hatred aimed towards God today! I'm not talking about Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, or any of the other gods men have made. I am talking about the God who made men, the "God of Christmas."

This God, took it upon himself to come behind the enemy lines to rescue man. He arrived on the scene as a vulnerable tiny baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. He didn't send an angel on this dangerous mission; the objective was too important to risk any possibility of failure. So God came Himself, to be certain that His perfect plan came to a perfect ending.

I'm talking about the God who left the glory, splendor, and beauty of heaven to be born in one of the dirtiest places of that day-- an animal stable!

Would it have mattered if Mary and Joseph had found room at the Inn? This, after all, is God's plan! It may have been smelly and dirty in the stable, but do we know what dangers awaited this tiny family in the Inn? The "God of Christmas" knew!

From the very start of the Christ Child's life, the enemy stalked His every move-- just waiting for a chance to destroy him. It is a historical fact that King Herod had every male child who was 2 years and under destroyed in and around Bethlehem. Very likely thousands of children were slaughtered, as their parents helplessly looked on in horror. The enemy tried, at every opportunity, to destroy the "God of Christmas."

One cannot help but notice in the Gospel's, and in the secular historian's accounts, the huge amount of demonic activity in and around any area where Jesus ministered. The enemy was out in full force and all of his demon warriors were concentrated in this area! Their mission was to destroy God's plan. Even the hearts of the religious leaders of that day were bent to destroy the    

"God of Christmas."

Finally when His time had come, and right after an illegal trial and severe beatings, they marched him by spear point to his place of execution. The Roman soldiers felt as if they were in control, but the "God of Christmas" was in control every step of the way. They could have put down those spears and simply walked away and the outcome would not have changed! The soldiers controlled nothing at this bloody scene.

You ask, "If He was in control, why would He allow them to nail Him to that cross?"

This was part of His perfect plan. Remember, God knows everything. He knows and loves what you see in the mirror each day. He knows the faces around your family's supper table and those at your job --- and He loves what He sees.

That's the part that is hard for me to understand! Why would anyone love me with all my flaws--- let alone the "God of Christmas" --- but I know He does.

The only way for Him to win the victory for you and me, the victory that we could never win for ourselves, a sinless man had to be sacrificed-- this is what it would take, and He was the only one who could qualify.

The god of the suicide bombers, that we are learning so much about lately, instructs his followers to hate and kill the infidel (unbeliever). This god sends his sons to die that scores of others might die!

The "God of Christmas" sent His only Son to die that others might live!

Now just think about this! If we had some sort of painting of that hateful god's likeness, you could have it hung on a school wall, or put on a postage stamp . . . no problem!

The "God of Christmas" instructs his followers by saying;

" Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you."

Try to hang His picture on a school wall or post His likeness on a postage stamp! There are so many who want, and are doing their very best, to wipe out any sign of the "God of Christmas".

I present you with this unfounded hatred as evidence of His very reality! Amazingly, there will be some who will be outraged that this is in our newsletter. Well, I cannot be politically correct no matter how hard I try. They say that the three Kings in the Christmas story, who brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ Child, started the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas, but they are wrong.

It was the "God of Christmas" who started the tradition of gift giving!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
This was God's gift given to us on the very first Christmas.

May the "God of Christmas" bless you! Have a Merry Christmas!