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Fisher's Bridge
    Fisher's Bridge stands on a beautiful trail in Isabella County's Deerfield Park six miles west of Mt. Pleasant. It was built in 1996 to replace a previous bridge destroyed by fire.  It is used only by hikers, cyclists and park vehicles. While a pleasant addition to a fantastic picnic area, this bridge's function is purely decorational. If the reason for covering a bridge is to protect wooden timbers and flooring, this bridge has no reason. The floor is concrete, it sits on steel spans, and there is no timber framing to be seen because the entire interior of this bridge, walls and ceiling, is sheathed in plywood.
    I don't recommend this location to those who are seeking genuine covered bridge construction. There are no heavy timber trusses.  No beautiful wooden arches.  The park, nevertheless, is extremely nice and perhaps a less critical person than myself will see this bridge and enjoy the suprise of coming upon it during their hike or canoe trip.  It may even instill in them an appreciation for covered bridges that will carry over to the real thing.
Fisher's Bridge Over the Chippewa River

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