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Fallasburg Bridge
    The 100 foot, single span Fallasburg Bridge crosses the Flat River five miles north of Lowell. The picturesque setting of Fallasburg Park displays one of Michigan's oldest native covered bridges to perfection. The use of the Brown truss in this bridge and its two close neighbors, Ada and Whites is unique to this area of the state.
John W. and Silas S. Fallass settled here in 1837, founding the village which soon became the main stage route from Ionia to Grand Rapids and boasted a chair factory, sawmill and gristmill.
    Around 1840 the first of several wooden bridges was placed across the Flat River, but all fell victim to high water and massive spring ice jams. Bridge builder Jared N. Bresee of Ada was given a contract in 1871 to build the present structure. Completed at a cost of $1500, the bridge has lattice work trusses made of white pine timbers. Repairs in 1905 and 1945 have kept the Fallasburg Bridge safe for traffic for more than one hundred twenty five years.
    Signs at each portal warn of a "$5 FINE FOR RIDING OR DRIVING ON THIS BRIDGE FASTER THAN A WALK".
The North Portal of the Fallasburg Bridge

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