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These live in Canada

1959 Cadillac
These cars used by Senzel Limousine Service Inc.

1956 Cadillac and its rear interior
These cars used by Senzel Limousine Service Inc.
These cars used by Senzel Limousine Service Inc.

1969 Cadillac
These cars used by Senzel Limousine Service Inc.

1962 Rolls Royce

1964 Imperial

1993 Lincoln "Presidential Town Sedan"

Stretched 12" by 'Colonial Coach Works' in Ontario Canada for either the Governor General of Canada or the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. It was later the chauffeured car of the president of the bank of Montreal with a rear seat headrest added on the drivers side.

1955 Cadillac Imperial Limousine
Owned by Jason in Australia.

The car originally came from L.A , then went to Chicago where he purchased it and imported it to Australia. It has all the options including rear control signal seeking radio and driver foot control, divider window, A/C, Autronic eye, power windows, seats, jump seats. 1 out of 815 built in 1955.

1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousines

Thanks to Greg and Mark Clausen of Rochester, NY for this photo of
their identical Fleetwood 75 limos, just over 1000 of these were produced.

1963 Pontiac
Thanks to R.D. Schmitt for this photo.

1968 Daimler

1927 Lincoln Judkins

1938 Lincoln K Series
Model 419, body by Willougby

1951 Dodge Coronet Limousine

Originally owned by the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta. The only modification was the plexiglass observation windows cut into the roof so the guests could look up at the Rocky Mountains on the tours given by the JPL. This is Dodge's version of the DeSoto Powermaster Limousine.

Thanks to Craig Parslow for this photo and information

1939 Cadillac V16

1953 Cadillac
Thanks to Larry Tomasco for this photo.

1979 Chinese "Red Flag" Limousine

One of a limited number built at the Chinese truck factory in Manchuria in the 1970's for the top officials of the Chinese government. This eight-passenger car was used by the Chinese Dalai Llama of Tibet until it was imported into the United States in 1989 by the Chinese Trade Mission in Oakland, California. The Director of the Mission subsequently donated it to the a Sacramento area charity. The design of the car is similar to the Russian ZIV and the drive train appears to be similar to a Packard V8 with automatic transmission. It is 20 feet long and weights 6,000 lbs.

The car was recently up for sale at the Towe Auto Museum, 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 or E-Mail

1952 Dodge Coronet Limousine
Car has been sitting idle since 1964.

Thanks to Dennis Degler for this photo and information.

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