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1915 Mandel Limosette
Conversion product allowed Ford owners to
have their cars "limosetted", turning it
into a "handsome limousine" in one hour!

1953 Desoto 9 Passenger Limousine
Thanks to Duane Krause in Tucson, AZ for this old photo.

Duane bought this limousine while at Ellsworth AFB in SD in 1963,
he installed one of the first Lear 8 track cassette players in it and
used it in the Badlands near Wall, SD for tours with folk music group.

1989 Autralian Ford DA LTD 6 seater Limousine
Thanks to Eric Bevan of Luxury Chauffeured Limousines

1911 Buick Model 41 Limousine

1921 Chandler Limousine

1959 Continental Mark IV Limousine

1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Limousine
Custom Italian body, 1 of 10 produced.

1956 Chrysler Windsor Limousine

1948 Seibert-Bodied Ford Limousine
Open-Front manufactured by Seibert Body Company.

1921 Brewster Enclosed Drive Limousine
On a Lanchester chassis with early type "Brewster windshield"

1950 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine

1953 DeSoto Powermaster Limousine/Sedan

1985 London Sterling
The LondonCoach Co. Mt. Clemens, Michigan
This from a 1985 ad, features a Ford engine with the charm and luxury
of a Rolls-Royce and the toughness of the world famous London Taxi.

1953 Packard Custom Corporation Limousine
Built by Henney, available in 1953 and 1954 with only the side trim being different.

Thanks to Don Pierson for the additonal information on this car.

1952 Triumph Renown Limousine
In production for 1 year.

1919 Phianna Enclosed Drive Limousine
Murray Motor Car Company, New York

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