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Cotner-Bevington of Blytheville, Arkansas

1962 Oldsmobile
Owned by George Lee in Saskatchewan

Built on a base model 88, this was delivered to Cotner Bevington August 3rd, 1962. It has a 394 with 2 barrel carb, no air, no power windows, no radio and small back window. With only 70,000 miles it still runs out very nice on the highway, easy 70 miles an hour, but needs new tranny seals and rear engine seal from sitting so long.
It has a C-B number is 762-218 and is a high serial number car leading George to believe it was the last one made.

1967 Oldsmobile 98
Thanks to Fred Squires from Yellowknife Canada, for his 1967 Oldsmobile
425 Super Rocket with 39000 miles, its been in Yellowknife all its life.

Is that Harvey Schofields Lehmann-Peterson on the right!

Owned by Dan Kangley

Thanks to Craig Parslow for donating these photos.


1962 Oldsmobile
Only 3 ever made this one with only 41,000 miles.

1956 Imperial Factory Limousine

1985 Cadillac Fleetwood
Front Wheel Drive Seventy-Five Fleetwood
(from a Cadillac advertisement)

John Lennon's 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Limousine body by Mulltner Park Ward

This car was manufactured in 1965 by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, Crewe, Cheshire. The car was fitted with a limousine body by Mulltner Park Ward and finished in Valentines Black and was delivered to John Lennon on June 3, 1965

On December 21, 1965, John ordered a Sterno Radio Telephone. In 1966, the car had the rear seat modified to convert to a double bed. A custom interior/exterior sound system was installed along with a "loud hailer." Other features installed were: Sony television, telephone and a portable refrigerator.

John eventually became restless with the "matt black overall" on the car and so in April of 1967, he had in mind the possibility of having his car painted "psychedelic".

The newly painted psychedelic car drew some public outrage when a old woman in downtown London attacked the car using her umbrella and yelling: "You swine, you swine! How dare you do this to a Rolls-Royce." Obviously, the Rolls-Royce is passionately regarded in England as one of the many symbols of British dignity! Rolls-Royce company was appalled at this custom painted psychedelic-theme and launches a formal complaint.

The Beatles used the Rolls exclusively in their heyday from 1966 to 1969. In 1970, John had the Phantom V shipped to the United States. The car was loaned out to several rock stars such as the Rolling Stones, the Moody Blues, and Bob Dylan.

From October 3, 1978 to January 7, 1979, the car was put on public display at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum and then returned to storage at Silver Hill, Maryland. There, the car would remain in storage and kept from public viewing for a while. The reason for this was because the museum could not afford the insurance coverage for public viewing on a fulltime basis.

In June 1985 the car sold for $2,299.000.00 at Sotheby's making it the worlds most expensive car.

In summer of 2007 the limousine was on tour with a "Rock Star's, Cars and Guitar's" tour, these pictures below are from the Henry Ford Museum.

To view a short clip of this on YouTube Click here

1985 Honda Accord LX
By Marquis Custom Coach in Canoga Park, CA

1952 Hudson Hornet Limousine
Custon built by Derham Body Company for
the wife of Hudson president A.E. Barit.

1966 Chrysler New Yorker

1977 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

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