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Russian Luxury ZIL-ZIM-ZIS

1945 Russian ZIS-110
These car supposedly use body dies that were supplied by Packard.

Thanks to Don Pierson for the additonal information on this car.

1950 Russian ZIM 7 passenger "Pullman" Limousine
Built only from 1950-1957 for Communist Leaders and State Officials

1967 Russian ZIL-114 Limousine
Used by ranking members of the Communist Party and was a Embassy vehicle.

1959 ZIL-111

Mid-60's Chiaka
While the ZIL was for more important government officials, this car
was based on the late 50's Packard was for the lower ranked officials.

Thanks to Darren Anderson for this information.

1946(or 47) Cadillac Series 75
Thanks to Irwin Kho from the Philippines for this photo and information.

Originally owned by a Mayor of a US city. Between the late 1940's and
early 1960's this car was sent to Europe and is currently in the Philippines.
The Mayor's son restored it and is the current owner.

1967 Mercedes-Benz Limousine

1937 Cadillac with 452 V-16 engine

1911 Oldsmobile Limousine

1946 Chrysler Imperial Limousine
Modified by Derham with a padded top, modified from a production sedan body.

1984 Volvo 760 GLE

1921 Leyland Limousine
From Britain their first 8 in-line, this from a 1921 show.

1968 Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet

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